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Shirley Sherrod

  1. breitbartleby the scrivener
    Shirley Sherrod Sues Andrew BreitbartIt’s surprising this didn’t happen sooner, no?
  2. que sherrod sherrod
    Shirley Sherrod Thinks She and the USDA Should Go on a BreakShe turns down Tom Vilsack’s job offer.
  3. early and awful
    Harry Reid Wanted to Repeal Birthright Citizenship in 1993, But That’s Not the Full StoryAn examination of the facts.
  4. que sherrod sherrod
    Shirley Sherrod Is ‘Definitely’ Going to Sue Andrew BreitbartThe circus continues.
  5. the post-racial world
    Howard Dean Lashes Out at Fox News … During an Appearance on Fox News“Fox News did something that was absolutely racist.”
  6. in other news
    Rush Limbaugh Is Angry That Fox News Anchor Acted Like a JournalistThe nerve of some people.
  7. the post-racial world
    New Obama-Administration Policy: No More Impulsive FiringsStarting … now!
  8. the post-racial world
    Shirley Sherrod’s Phone Call With President Obama Didn’t Go Exactly As She Imagined ItSounds like Obama wouldn’t stop talking.
  9. the post-racial world
    Shirley Sherrod Is Going to Force President Obama Into This MessShe wants to have a conversation with him.
  10. the post-racial world
    Bill O’Reilly Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod… Then Continues Criticizing Her“Memo to Shirley: using phrases like ‘his own kind’ is not a good ‘bringing people together’ strategy.”
  11. the post-racial world
    Robert Gibbs Apologizes to Shirley SherrodSorry for firing you for no reason.
  12. the post-racial world
    Will Tom Vilsack Pull a Bud Selig?A blown call that has to be reversed.
  13. the post-racial world
    Campbell Brown to NAACP: ‘You’re the Ones to Blame Here’“Not everything you see on the Internet is true,” she says.
  14. the post-racial world
    Black USDA Official Was So Racist to White Farmer That They Became ‘Friends for Life’The many twists and turns of the nation’s latest racial controversy.