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Shithole Countries

  1. the national interest
    Trump Homeland Security Secretary Not Sure If Most Norwegians Are WhiteKirstjen Nielsen has a very novel way to avoid questions about her boss’s racism.
  2. The GOP’s Not-So-Cunning Plan to Blame a Shutdown on DemocratsIt involves insisting they’re at the mercy of the Democratic minority, and Trump is, as he put it, “the least racist person.”
  3. How Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark Could Help Provoke a Government ShutdownIt gives Democrats a perfect excuse to draw a hard line on immigration.
  4. Trump’s ‘Sh*thole Country’ Comment Is Right-wing Political Correctness Run AmokThe right doesn’t want to face the inconvenient truths of history. So it blames the poverty of ex-slave colonies on the character of their residents.