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  1. shmashmortion
    Abortion Rates Decline Across the Country, Cause Is Up for InterpretationBoth sides say it proves they’re right.
  2. shmashmortion
    Scott Walker: Rape Pregnancy Worries Will PassAbused women should be able to get their act together within 20 weeks.
  3. shmashmortion
    Texas Abortion Clinics Can Remain Open Thanks to Supreme Court InterventionAll but eight clinics were set to close.
  4. shmashmortion
    Most Texas Abortion Clinics Are Being Forced to Close ImmediatelyA court ruling just shuttered all but seven.
  5. love and war
    Supreme Court Decides Texas Abortion Law Can Stay, For NowThey’ll be seeing this one again.
  6. shmashmortion
    Texas House Provisionally Approves the Bill Wendy Davis FilibusteredIt’s expected to go all the way.
  7. shmashmortion
    Dramatic Filibuster Beats Texas Anti-Abortion Bill (Eventually)With help from an “unruly mob.” For now.
  8. shmashmortion
    Texas Lawmaker Filibustering Anti-Abortion BillAnd she can’t even lean against her desk. 
  9. shmashmortion
    Trent Franks’s Abortion Bill Passes the House, With One Last GaffeThe masturbating fetus defense.
  10. counterpoint
    Why Trent Franks Is Actually Worse Than Todd AkinA rebuttal.
  11. shmashmortion
    Rubio’s Novel Way to Avoid Rape Controversy“I don’t know who that is.”
  12. shmashmortion
    Kermit Gosnell Is Too Old for the Death PenaltyThe abortion doctor will still serve life in prison though. 
  13. shmashmortion
    Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty on Three Counts of MurderAnd one count of manslaughter. 
  14. shmashmortion
    ‘If Babies Had Guns … ’ Is the Start of Congressman’s Campaign Motto” … they wouldn’t be aborted” is the end of it.
  15. shmashmortion
    New York Post Alleges Kermit Gosnell HypocrisyWhat’s going on with Kermit Gosnell?
  16. shmashmortion
    Bill Would Treat Abortion As Evidence-TamperingThe bill would make it a felony to get an abortion if you’ve been raped, because of “tampering with evidence.”
  17. shmashmortion
    Congressman Joe Walsh Makes Dumb Abortion Remark“You can’t find one instance” when abortion would save the mother’s life, he claimed. 
  18. shmashmortion
    Akin Makes Another Odd Abortion Claim What?
  19. convention dispatch
    Fetus Trucks Circling Downtown TampaGraphic.
  20. shmashmortion
    Paul Ryan Does Not Want to Talk Rape SemanticsThere is no “forcible rape” and other kinds of rape.
  21. todd achin’
    Todd Akin Fights Back With Attack on Liberal Elitist Media, FetusOn Romney: “Why couldn’t he run his race and I’ll run mine?”
  22. shmashmortion
    Why It Makes Sense for Todd Akin to Stay in the Race [Updated]He reiterated today that he’s not dropping out.
  23. shmashmortion
    Steve King Says Dumb Thing About PregnancyThe GOP freak show continues.
  24. shmashmortion
    Todd Akin Is Very Sorry, Has Learned Some New Things About Rape [Updated]The embattled Senate candidate apologized profusely on Mike Huckabee’s radio show. Also, Obama has weighed in.
  25. shmashmortion
    McCaskill Says Akin Must Stay NomineeMissouri Democrat Claire McCaskill says replacing Akin would be “pretty radical.”
  26. shmashmortion
    Would the Right Really Care About a Pro-Choice Running Mate?We don’t think Condi Rice’s abortion views would really be a problem.
  27. shmashmortion
    American Hero of the Day: Ralph ShorteyHe doesn’t want you to eat aborted fetuses.
  28. shmashmortion
    GOP-Backed Bill Could Require IRS Auditors to Ask for Abortion ReceiptsAuditors all up in your uterus.
  29. shmashmortion
    Using a Fetus to Testify Against Abortion Can Backfire in Unexpected WaysFetal performance anxiety.
  30. shmashmortion
    Ohio Senate Schedules a Fetus to Testify About Abortion BillIts heartbeat will serve as a legislative witness.
  31. shmashmortion
    They Took Down That Offensive Anti-Abortion Billboard in SohoHooray!
  32. shmashmortion
    To Celebrate Black History Month, Anti-Abortion Group Buys Offensive Billboard in Soho“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”
  33. shmashmortion
    Kristen Schaal Makes an Excellent Planned Parenthood Argument on The Daily ShowThe House’s proposal to defund Planned Parenthood doesn’t go far enough.
  34. shmashmortion
    Say Good-bye to Reproductive Health Care, LadiesA new bill plans on cutting all federal funding of family-planning services.
  35. shmashmortion
    South Dakota Shelves Bill That Kind of Maybe Allows People to Kill Abortion DoctorsThe GOP governor calls it “a very bad idea.”
  36. shmashmortion
    South Dakota Bill Would Make It Legal to Murder Abortion Doctors [Updated: Or Would It?]Eh, pretty sure you can’t do that.
  37. shmashmortion
    Ohio Introduces Bill to Outlaw ‘Heartbeat’ AbortionsIf passed, in-state abortions would be outlawed after eighteen days.