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  1. business
    Is Target Really Closing a New York Store Over Shoplifting?The company blames shoplifting for shutting one city store. But it’s opening five more.
  2. jesus christie
    Now Chris Christie’s Bodyguard Is in Trouble for ShopliftingThe headaches don’t stop.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    What Does One Do With a Stolen $40,000 Crocodile-Skin Jacket?Probably not sell it at Beacon’s Closet.
  4. socialites
    Beata Boman Really Likes Scarves, Okay?She likes to wear them around her neck, she likes to wear them as dresses, she likes to shoplift them …
  5. stupid crime of the day
    Just Because You Are 16 Doesn’t Mean You Can ShopliftWe know this will come as news to many of you.
  6. neighborhood news
    Chinese Shoplifting TortureShoplifting in Flushing will cost you.
  7. the morning line
    Shoplifters of the World • Shoplifting usually doesn’t get this dramatic: A man and a woman absconded from the Pretty Girl clothing store in Queens, carrying out a heap of dresses and hitting the security guard with their getaway van (he is in critical condition); they remain at large. [amNY] • Bloomberg is in Albany pushing his environmental agenda; wouldn’t you know it, there’s “no apparent sense of urgency” to move on the proposals, and instead everyone just wants to talk about his gubernatorial or presidential run. [NYT] • In the meantime, the Daily News is already making its readers pick Mike’s successor: Police Commissioner Ray Kelly won the poll (with, um, 14 percent of the vote) on what seems like name recognition alone. [NYDN] • According to his rambling diary — sorry, “personal manifesto” — Peter Braunstein was planning to kill Anna Wintour because she wouldn’t return his phone calls. Oddly, if there are any journalists on the jury, this is the one prosecution revelation that may actually misfire. [NYP] • And, for the 4,375th time: Kids, if you’ve done something totally awesome, like spray-painted a church with satanic symbols, don’t brag about it on MySpace. It’s public information, and then the big men from the Hate Crimes Unit will come and arrest you, like they did with four Long Island teens yesterday. [Newsday]