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  1. government shutdown
    Trump ‘Cucked’ Up the Government ShutdownRed America’s alpha male just picked a fight with a liberal septuagenarian woman — and lost. If anything can alienate Trump’s base, it’s that.
  2. government shutdown
    Shutting Down the Government Isn’t a Harmless GameContrary to what at least one Republican congressman thinks, plenty of federal workers live paycheck to paycheck.
  3. Two Weeks After Last Shutdown, All GOP Has Is a New Way to Jab DemocratsWith only days to go until the next deadline, House Republicans unveiled a stopgap bill that will probably be blocked by Senate Democrats.
  4. Trump Officially Ends Shutdown, Earns Praise for Lack of InvolvementWhite House aides seemed pleased that they were able to keep him out of the negotiation process, but it probably won’t last.
  5. Trump Got Us Into This Shutdown, GOP Doesn’t Want His Help Getting Out of ItWhite House aides and congressional leaders are reportedly encouraging him to stay on the sidelines, since he’s already caused enough chaos.
  6. The Republican Plan to Give Trump His ‘Good’ ShutdownIn addition to accusing Democrats of endangering children and the military, they may keep national parks open to reduce public backlash.
  7. What You Need to Know About the Government-Shutdown FightTrump’s vulgar remarks have decreased the chances of reaching a DACA deal, and avoiding a shutdown by the Friday deadline.
  8. new jersey
    Christie Shuts Down New Jersey Government, State Beaches and Parks ClosedThanks to a budget standoff, we’ll soon find out if the governor’s 15 percent approval rating can drop any lower.
  9. politics
    Senate Avoids Government Shutdown, Passes Water-Relief BillAn hour before the deadline, Democrats caved on an effort to extend health benefits for retired coal miners.