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  1. Boehner Is So Ready to Be Done With All This DHS DramaThe Speaker of the House cites a possible terrorist attack as a reason to just fund the department.
  2. the national interest
    Conservatives: Let’s Shut Down and ImpeachRepublicans already bored of being boring.
  3. shutdownpocalypse
    ‘It’s Hard to See How Boehner Gets Out of This’: Dick Armey on the ShutdownPrediction: The speaker is going to take it on the chin, one way or another.
  4. shutdownpocalypse
    ‘I Had More Prestige’: Newt Gingrich on the ShutdownFailing to get a concession from Obama would be “a disaster of historic proportions.”
  5. Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Tea PartiersThe three-party system is even worse than the two-party system.
  6. silicon valley
    Silicon Valley Shrugs at Government ShutdownIs it some kind of app?
  7. the national interest
    Portman’s Compromise: Obama Can Keep DaughtersA magnanimous offer.
  8. Yes, the White House Is ‘Winning’After months of refusal, Republicans are scrambling to make a budget deal.
  9. government shutdown
    The Daily Show Destroys Republicans on Shutdown“The Daily Show” is enjoying the shutdown.
  10. Boehner’s Next Stage of Grief: Grand BargainingYeah, that’ll work.
  11. Frank Rich: GOP Can’t Impeach Obama, Closes D.C.The Obamacare fight isn’t about reforming health care in the slightest.