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    S.I. Newhouse, Legendary Condé Nast Publisher, Dies at 89Another end of an era in publishing.
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    Alicia Keys Is ExpectingAnd she and Swizz Beatz are engaged!
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    Suri’s Awesomeness to Be Diluted With Competing Cruise Baby?Katie Holmes looks to be prepping to spawn again.
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    Lindsay Lohan Stood Up Her 77-Year-Old DateAnd more characteristic celebrity behavior, in our daily gossip roundup.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    Condé Nast Fairchild Keeps It in the FamilyGina Sanders, the new CEO of the Fairchild Fashion Group, is a member of the Newhouse clan.
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    Head-Clonking Condé Bigwig on the Way Out? [Updated]Richard Beckman may be tapped to head a new trade group, the ‘Post’ reports.
  7. New Yorker Safe From Condé CutsExcept for the Orangina.
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    Condé Nast Cost-Cutting: Baby StepsToday, editors learned that they would be losing their newspaper subscriptions.
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    McKinsey’s Second Visit to Si’s House Will Make Condé Less ‘Condé’We talked to an expert about what to expect from the consulting firm as it looks at the venerable magazine company.
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    Joanne Lipman’s Best Portfolio DecisionNaming the magazine ‘Portfolio’ to begin with. Pretty much every other decision, according to the ‘Observer,’ was somewhere south of that.
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    Trou-Dropping Guantanamo Lawyer Leaves FirmPlus, the latest on Giuliani Partners, S.I. Newhouse, and Citigroup in our daily industry roundup.
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    JPMorgan Chase Profits Fall 53 PercentBut they did better than analysts predicted. That, plus the latest on Hamptons real-estate prices, Condé Nast’s upper echelons, and the “You go girl!” spinner, in our daily industry roundup.
  13. ink-stained wretches
    S.I. Newhouse Is Being Nice to Joanne Lipman. Too Nice.Embattled Portfolio editor-in-chief Joanne Lipman still appears to be in S.I. Newhouse’s good graces. In his annual rundown of Newhouse’s annual holiday lunch at The Four Seasons, Keith Kelly reports she was seated “at his elbow” at the main table, “in what can only be seen as a signal from the taciturn Newhouse that she still has his support.” Shiver! Those types of machinations totally remind us of Mafia dons, or African dictators. Not that we hang with many Mafia dons or African dictators, but we have seen movies, and we do know this, Joanne: Those guys can be real friendly. Right until they up and slit your throat. Who’s in Si-Beria? [NYP]
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    64 New Yorkers Make ‘Forbes’ 400You haven’t, by any chance, been feeling rich lately, have you? Sort of feeling a little bit smug that the burst of the real-estate bubble won’t splatter all over you? At least a little bit excited that in November, your every-other-Friday paycheck will come three times instead of twice? Well, just in time for all that, Forbes has released its annual list of the 400 richest people in America. And guess what? Sixty-four of them are New Yorkers! The top 100 billionaires, in fact, include household (okay, apartment-hold) names like shareholder activist Carl Icahn, Revlon CEO Ron Perelman, designer Ralph Lauren, Condé Nast chairman Si Newhouse … oh yeah, and Mayor Bloomberg, who at $11.5 billion is America’s 25th richest man. According to Forbes, he more than doubled his wealth from last year, which was enough to leapfrog over rival media magnate Rupert Murdoch in the ranks.
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    Speak, Models!FASHION • Turns out models can speak — at least in Ridley Scott’s new Prada movie. [Fashionista] • Bottega Veneta has designed the interior of a penthouse suite at the St. Regis. [British Vogue] • Model Paulina Porizkova has joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars. [Flypaper] • Naomi Campbell left Premier Models, where she’s spent most of her career, for IMG. [All Company News]