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  1. Wi-Fi Kiosks Are Poised to Remake the City’s SidewalksBig, ugly, and incredibly useful, the new LinkNYC internet stations will soon blanket our streets. 
  2. bill de blasio’s new york
    Brooklyn Sidewalks Still Full of Dead Christmas TreesThe humanity!
  3. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Thinks the Sidewalk Lanes Were a Kind Gesture to TouristsOr, no, he’s joking, we think.
  4. dreaming of things that never were
    Tourist Sidewalk Lanes Actually Not a Bad IdeaIt works for highways, right?
  5. intel
    Eating Brunch Outside Before It’s Time: A DebateIn which Chris and Noelle argue over whether it’s appropriate to eat on the sidewalk while it’s still chilly out.
  6. photo op
    Where the Sidewalk Ended Aha! We searched all the photo services this morning, but no one — not AP, not Reuters or Getty, not Polaris or Retna — had a shot of midtown’s collapsed sidewalk. Curbed, however, does. Herewith, the south side of West 36th Street yesterday afternoon. Thanks, Curbed kids, and bless you, Internet. Crumbling of NYC: View to a Sidewalk Collapse [Curbed]
  7. in the magazine
    Further Adventures in Crumbling Infrastructure If it feels like the city is falling apart around you, it may not just be your paranoia talking. Early yesterday afternoon a section of midtown sidewalk collapsed under two construction workers jackhammering it, sending them on a ten-foot fall into the hole underneath and leaving both at Bellevue Hospital in stable condition. With exploding steam pipes and “structurally deficient” bridges, what else can go wrong? Christopher Bonanos considered that question in this week’s New York. Our advice: Be ready for blackout, and watch out for falling bricks. The Old Town [NYM] Two Hurt in Sidewalk Collapse [Newsday]