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Silicon Valley Drama

  1. silicon valley drama
    The Secret Shame of an Unacquired Tech WorkerAn interview with “Amy,” a female employee who was left out of her start-up’s acquisition by Google.
  2. silicon valley drama
    The Government Shutdown Has Revealed Silicon Valley’s Dysfunction FetishThey don’t believe government matters, just companies.
  3. silicon valley drama
    All of Silicon Valley Is Scandalized Over a Stupid Dongle JokeIt’s cost two jobs and embroiled the tech world in outrage.
  4. silicon valley drama
    Another Venture Capital Firm Is Sued Over Sexual Harassment [Updated]CMEA Capital’s former partner is accused of harassing three female assistants.
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    Nasdaq’s ‘Baby Don’t Go’ to FacebookThe stock exchange wants Facebook to give it just one night, una noche.