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  1. Sanitation Truck Falls Into Sinkhole In BronxThe hole has been there for years.
  2. Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in BrooklynLuckily, no one was hurt.
  3. sinkholes
    Gigantic Sinkhole Swallows NYC Garbage TruckIt’s like Drag Me to Hell, but the garbage version.
  4. america!
    Sinkholes Are Now Hotter Than CorvettesTourists just want to see the National Corvette Museum’s giant hole.
  5. scary things
    Sinkhole Opens in Williamsburg Street, Fails to Swallow Nearby CarsIt’s still scary, though.
  6. nice try guys
    Bronx Man Who Claims He Fell Into a Sinkhole Probably LyingWitnesses say he jumped in.
  7. scary things
    Long Island Sinkhole Settles for SubaruThe Earth has opened again to eat another car.
  8. oh florida
    Giant Florida Sinkhole Swallows Resort, Somehow Injures No OneBut the aerial footage is insane.
  9. it’s science
    Giant Sinkhole Opens Up in Brooklyn, Nearly Eats Car [Updated]Nom nom nom.
  10. early and often
    Unrepaired Sinkhole in Hoboken Begins Tweeting, Runs for City CouncilBecause why wouldn’t it?