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  1. bias
    Siri, Are Feminine AI Voices Sexist?The leading tech companies all offer feminized assistants that perpetuate gender stereotypes.
  2. yelling at my phone in public
    Google’s Assistant Can Now Fit On Your PhoneThe company shrunk a 100-gigabyte piece of software down to half a gigabyte, speeding it up and making it more secure in the process.
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    I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
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    Tech Companies Want to Get in on the Ground Floor of Smart-Home ConstructionWhy sell someone a smart speaker when you can get them to buy a house with your smart speakers embedded in the walls?
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    How Does Siri Actually Know What I’m Saying?A simple guide to how voice assistants process speech, and how they know you’re talking to them.
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    Does Anyone Want to Hear My Internal Voice? Anyone?Researchers at MIT invented a device that lets you … hear your own thoughts. And maybe talk to Alexa.
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    Hey, Siri, Will You Listen to My Problems?Apple is looking for engineers to make Siri more like the therapist we didn’t know we needed.
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    Apple Turns to Earth’s Most Popular Human to Convince Everyone Siri Is Good NowIn a world where a company notorious for hoarding cash spends a ton on an ad.
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    The 10 Things You Need to Know From Apple’s Big Event TodayFrom HomePod to High Sierra.
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    Here’s Apple’s Echo Competitor, the HomePod Smart SpeakerThe speaker is called HomePod and costs $349.
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    Why Do I Hate Talking to My Phone?What’s the reason I loathe talking to Siri, but chatter away happily to Alexa?
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    Don’t Fall for This 911 Siri PrankIf you do it, you only get five seconds to cancel the call.
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    Woman Named Alexa Seary Having a Tough Time in This Cruel, Robot-Covered WorldAt least her middle name isn’t “Okay, Google.”
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    Is Siri Finally Coming to Mac OS X?Another way to pretend you’re friends with your computer.
  15. car talk
    People Should Stop Talking to Their Cars, Study SaysUsing voice commands is like “balancing a checkbook while driving.”
  16. Siri Will Never Leave You, and Other iOS 9 FactsThe big news is Apple News.
  17. early and awkward
    Meet the White House’s New Press Secretary in Training: Siri“Sorry, I’m not sure what you want me to change.” 
  18. Siri Is Now One Step Closer to Ruling All Taxis in NYCThe New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission gets rid of tough geography questions on the taxi driver’s exam.
  19. White House Still Pretty Sure It’s a Penalty, Not a TaxSo, Roberts was wrong?
  20. You Are Not the Only Person Wondering What Linguica IsApple’s Siri ads have brought newfound interest to the obscure Portuguese sausage. 
  21. Zooey Deschanel Continues to Pester Siri With Unnecessary Questions“Is it raining?” was just the start.
  22. technology
    Siri Isn’t Necessarily Anti-Abortion, Just UninformedApple says the missing search results are “not intentional omissions.”
  23. technology
    Siri Can’t Find Abortion Clinics in D.C., NYCGoogle Maps has no such problem.