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Size Matters

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    The Big Reasons Apple Is Putting Out a Big PhoneWhy Apple is going to put out a huge old honking phone.
  2. size matters
    Trump Fires Longtime Event Organizer Over Sparse Crowd at Phoenix RallyHe was reportedly upset to see some empty space in the room before he took the stage.
  3. Sean Spicer Begs America to Look at His Tiny Health-Care BillThe press secretary explains that large stacks of paper are “government,” while smaller stacks of paper are “not.”
  4. Theresa May Jokes About President Trump’s Large Hand“I don’t think I have received such a big hand since I walked down the colonnade at the White House,” the British prime minister said.
  5. White House (Falsely) Declares Trump’s Inauguration Crowd the Largest in History“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration,” the White House press secretary lied. “We’re going to hold the press accountable.”
  6. Trump: Media Will Pay ‘Big Price’ for Reporting That Inauguration Crowd Was TinyIn a speech at CIA headquarters, the president called journalists the “most dishonest human beings on earth” — and his audience cheered.