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  1. To Skydive or Not to Skydive: That Is, Apparently, Bernie Sanders’s QuestionSources say the septuagenarian senator plans to make a “grand entrance” to his Friday night rally — and his campaign has been in contact with NorCal Skydiving all week.
  2. sad things
    Skydiver Ends Up Dead in New Jersey BackyardA veteran jumper’s parachute failed to deploy on Sunday.
  3. things that could have ended much worse than they did
    Skydivers Escape Fiery Midair Collision Unscathed and Slightly RicherNBC paid $100,000 for the video. 
  4. aerial assaults
    Woman Gets Gay Man Fired for Spooning Her in MidairTandem skydiving is a very complicated sport.
  5. old presidents
    George H.W. Bush Jumped Out of a Plane AgainLike a fine wine, the man just keeps getting better with age.
  6. scary things
    Jenny 8. Lee Did Not Jump Out of a Plane Over the Statue of Liberty… but a number of professional skydivers did.