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  1. recode decode
    Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on Navigating the New Workplace of the Coronavirus“How could you go back to email?” he asks Kara Swisher on Recode Decode.
  2. slacking off
    Work From Home Tip: Stop Capitalizing WordsA simple way to trick your boss into thinking you’re still at your keyboard is by avoiding awkward autocorrects and overly correct grammar.
  3. oops
    The Ticking Time Bomb of Old Slack PostsSlack is a popular business tool for trash-talking competitors. What happens when two companies merge?
  4. ipos
    Slack Is a Boring Company. That’s Why Its Stock Was Exciting.Maybe other tech companies can adopt its unorthodox strategy of “selling a service for money.”
  5. life in pixels
    Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun AgainThe triumphant return of aimless digital chatter.
  6. buzzfeed
    Remaining BuzzFeed Staff Still Very Unclear on What’s Going OnIn an internal Slack, CEO Jonah Peretti is “getting slammed in multiple languages,” a source said.
  7. slacking off
    Don’t Like Slack’s New Logo? You’ll Reconsider When You See the Other OptionsYou can thank the designer behind Hillary Clinton’s “H” for this development.
  8. select all
    It’s Now Really Easy for Your Boss to Read Your Slack DMsSlack announced some changes to its privacy policy.
  9. select all
    What Happens When Work Becomes a Nonstop Chat RoomHas Slack made the office more productive? More of a snake pit? More like Tinder?
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    Shockingly, the Slack Bot for Office Flirting Has Been Shut DownSlack rejected an integration from dating app Feeld that would let users flirt with co-workers.
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    You Definitely Shouldn’t Use This Slack Bot to @ Your Office CrushFeeld’s newest feature seems like an HR nightmare waiting to happen.
  12. For $1,000 Per Day, This Guy Will Teach Co-workers How to Send One Another GIFsDream job.
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    Hulk Hogan Taught Me Never to Make a Bad Joke on Slack AgainThanks to the Hogan lawsuit, my chat joke — and my co-worker’s noble attempt to explain it to a lawyer — is now a matter of public record.
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    This New Apartment Building Has a Common Slack Channel. This Is a Bad Idea.Annoying your neighbors shouldn’t be easy.