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Slouching Toward Reform

  1. tell us how you really feel
    So It’s Like That“If you were part of an effort to spend millions of dollars opposing the legislation,” you were unwelcome at the “celebration.”
  2. slouching toward reform
    Senate Passes Financial-Overhaul BillThe president is expected to sign it this week.
  3. slouching toward reform
    Hank Paulson: Ultimately, the Financial-Regulation Bill Doesn’t Really Matter“I think it is asking a lot for regulators to be perfect, because they won’t be.”
  4. slouching toward reform
    Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘Chutzpah’ Not Appreciated by Wall StreetAnonymous banking executives take aim at Washington, accidentally making them sound effective.
  5. slouching toward reform
    House Approves Financial Overhaul Bill237-192
  6. slouching toward reform
    Banks May Beat Congress Into Repealing $19 Billion TaxThanks, Scott Brown.
  7. Is Russell Simmons Helping or Exploiting the Poor?The hip-hop entrepreneur won a fee exemption for his “Rush Card,” but his customers are still getting charged.
  8. slouching toward reform
    Citigroup Is Just Going to Go Ahead and Proceed Like Financial Reform Isn’t HappeningVolcker Rule? What Volcker Rule?