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  1. smokin’!
    Camel Bans Smoking at Work Starting in 2015Apparently it’s bad for you.
  2. smokin’!
    1 Million New Yorkers Just Want a Single Goddamn Cigarette, Okay?The rate is climbing back up, but mostly among “light” smokers.
  3. smokin’!
    ‘Vaping’ Is Now As Inconvenient As Smoking New York’s e-cigarette ban begins today.
  4. smokin’!
    The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on E-CigarettesIt’s banning sales to minors, adding warnings, and requiring product approval.
  5. smokin’!
    CVS Quitting Tobacco Sales to Focus on Health-Care SalesBy October.
  6. smokin’!
    Woman Protests E-Cigarette Ban by Smoking in Bloomberg’s PresenceIndoors!
  7. smokin’!
    Now You’ll Have to Freeze Your Fingers Off for an E-Cigarette, TooBan voted in just in time for winter.
  8. smokin’!
    NYC Teens Have 180 Days to Buy As Many Cigarettes As They Can AffordBloomberg has raised the purchasing age to 21.
  9. smokin’!
    If You’re Not Old Enough to Drink, You’re Not Old Enough to Smoke in New YorkTime to stock up, kids, or better yet, quit.
  10. smokin’!
    Soon You May Have to Be 21 to Buy E-Cigarettes in New York CityPer an amended City Council bill.
  11. the third terminator
    Bloomberg’s Plan to Hide the Cigarettes Won’t HappenBut the smoking age will probably rise.
  12. smokin’!
    Is NYC Quietly Trying to Ban E-Cigarettes?Flavors like “dark roast” are in danger.
  13. smokin’!
    Government Gives Up on Horrifying Cigarette Warning LabelsEnjoy a cigarette without having to stare at the possible consequences.
  14. the third terminator
    Small-Town Mayor Reminds Bloomberg That Hiding Cigarettes is ExpensiveHaverstraw tried it, but couldn’t afford the lawsuit.
  15. the third terminator
    Now Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Physically Hide the CigarettesSo you forget you want them?
  16. smokin’!
    A Little Weed No Longer Gets a Night in JailMayor Bloomberg lightens up.
  17. smokin’!
    NYC Can’t Force Cigarette Peddlers to Guilt Smokers at the Register An appeals court ruled against Bloomberg’s anti-smoking crusade today.
  18. smokin’!
    Cheap Cigarettes Are Out There SomewhereIn 42 percent of NYC bodegas, according to a new probe.
  19. smokin’!
    Obama Is Generous With His Nicorette GumThe president and a ‘60 Minutes’ reporter support each other in quitting smoking.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly Support Cuomo’s Plan to Cut Pot ArrestsThe big three are all onboard.
  21. smokin’!
    Smoking in State Parks Allowed Again for NowThanks to CLASH.
  22. smokin’!
    New Yorkers Are Actually Getting Tickets for Smoking in Public PlacesMore than last year, at least.
  23. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Looking to Curb Smoking in and Around ApartmentsThe anti-cigarette crusade continues!
  24. smokin’!
    A Cigarette Set Macy’s on FireAnother strike against smoking.
  25. smokin’!
    Bloomberg Has Spent $600 Million of His Own Money to Stop Smoking The mayor announced a new $220 million donation today.
  26. smokin’!
    Asians in NYC Still SmokingMayor Bloomberg’s war on smoking isn’t working among one demographic.
  27. smokin’!
    Indian-Made Cigarettes Are Cheap As Hell UpstateIndian tribes have started manufacturing their own and selling them without the state tax.
  28. smokin’!
    City Wins Battle in War on Cheap CigarettesRoll-your-own shop Island Smokes to close.
  29. smokin’!
    The City’s War on Cheap Cigarettes ContinuesA “roll your own” shop is facing a lawsuit.
  30. smokin’!
    Joe Namath, Real Housewife Pushing LIRR/Metro-North Smoking BanNot all A-listers, exactly.
  31. smokin’!
    Cigarette Packs Won’t Look Gross Just YetFederal judge sides with big tobacco over FDA.
  32. crime
    Cigarettes Are So Expensive That Even Cops Are Stealing ThemOr at least one crooked detective.
  33. smokin’!
    Big Tobacco Suing Government Over New FDA WarningsThey say the labels limit free speech.
  34. smokin’!
    FDA Unveils Disgusting Cigarette Warning LabelsTry to smoke with this in your face.