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Smoking Ban

  1. cigarettes
    Smoking Way Down in NYCBloomberg says 450,000 fewer adults smoke now than in 2002.
  2. enemies of the state
    Forty Percent of Smokers Are Glad They’re Not Allowed to Smoke Anywhere AnymoreMany smokers like the city’s new ban.
  3. going postal
    Almost Everyone on East Harlem Block Pledges to Go Smoke-FreeThe U.S Post Office, furthering its rep as home to the surliest public servants, is the lone holdout.
  4. pink-stained wretches
    Observer Reporter Goes Wild, Tries Smoking in Several Newly Smoke-Free ParksTurns out, cops were pretty nice about it.
  5. enemies of the state
    Only Most Obstinate Cigarette Smokers Will Be TicketedEveryone will get a chance to stop smoking before getting a ticket.
  6. enemies of the state
    Smoking a Cigarette in Central Park Will Now Cost You $50Bloomberg’s smoking ban goes into effect today.
  7. smoking ban
    How Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Smoking Crackdown Hurts Those It Claims to HelpBloomberg cuts off nightlife industry’s nose to spite its face.