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  1. Indonesian Soldiers Drink Snake Blood, Head-Butt Bricks for James MattisThe secretary of Defense was treated to a wild show in Jakarta.
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    It’s Not All Heart-Eyes Emoji for Taylor Swift AnymorePeople on Twitter are using very different emoji to talk about Swift’s forthcoming album than they did for 1989.
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    Just a Viral Video of a Snake Puking Up a Second SnakeNature is beautiful.
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    Can You Find the Snake in This Photo?Then again, maybe you don’t want to find it.
  5. stand clear of the closing doors
    Snakes Have Places to Be, TooSo they take the subway.
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    Drunk Woman With Stolen Snake Around Her Neck Crashes Into Long Island FirehouseThe snake is fine.
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    Washington Square Park Snake Has a New, Indoor HomeShe’s said to be “very, very friendly.”
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    Snake-Handling Reality TV Preacher Dies From SnakebiteWho could have seen this coming?
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man With ‘SSSSNAKE’ License Plate Had 850 Snakes in His HouseHe’s an animal control officer.
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    A Giant Python Escaped at the Brooklyn Children’s MuseumFantasia got out for a few.
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    Things Snakes Don’t Mind: All-Natural Bathroom Cleanser A Staten Island man learned this the hard way.
  12. A More Effective Way to ProtestSnakes. Forty of ‘em.
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    Hugo Chávez Declares War on Breast ImplantsClearly he’s been watching some viral videos.
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    Model Plays With Snake. Snake Bites Model’s Breast Implant. Snake Dies. [Updated]Silicone killed the snake TV star.
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    Saddam Hussein Really Knew How to Wow Visiting DignitariesDonald Rumsfeld releases the weird video he got from Saddam in 1983.
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    The Future of the United States Depends on an Anti-Venom Factory in AustraliaIs there something we should know?
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    Snakes on a Plane ToiletHow did it get to a nineteenth-floor apartment?
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    Bronx Man Provides Totally Decent Opening for ‘That’s What She Said’ JokeLocal paper fails to take the bait.
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    Snake Surprises on the Rise in New YorkNo, this isn’t a trendy new dish. It’s an APOCALYPSE.
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    Wild, Southern Animal Invades Bronx HomeThis is definitely not a good sign.
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    Details on Tracy Jordan Morgan’s Apartment FireIt apparently affected the apartment of his TV wife, Sherri Shepherd, and may have been caused by his TV pet.
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    Boa Constrictor Nuzzles Children in BrooklynThis is a story with a happy ending.