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  1. u.s. supreme court
    ‘Cussing Cheerleader’ Wins in Supreme Court Free-Speech CaseThe Court decided 8-1 that obscene student tirades made on social media are protected unless they disrupt public-school activities.
  2. augmented reality
    Why Instagram Makes Its Filters So Hard to FindIt’s not an oversight, it’s by design.
  3. gender is a construct
    College Student Uses Snapchat Filter for One-man Sex StingA local college student catfished an alleged child predator by using Snapchat’s AR lenses to pose as an underage woman.
  4. how is babby formed
    Snapchat’s Uncanny Valleys Are Its Biggest Advantage Over InstagramInstagram might have more muscle, but Snapchat biggest asset is its willingness to get weird.
  5. life in pixels
    Is Instagram’s Future Just Snapchat’s Past?The platform is testing getting rid of like counts.
  6. privacy
    Can Snapchat Avoid Facebook’s Privacy Mistakes?Snapchat is letting third parties access its user data. That didn’t work out so well when Facebook did something similar.
  7. post reality
    A History of Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog, AR’s Breakthrough MomentTalking to Snap about the lens that captivated the world.
  8. technology
    Finally, Snapchat Filters Work on DogsThe feature we’ve all been waiting for.
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    Map Vandal Transforms NYC Into ‘Jewtropolis’The dangers of crowdsourcing your data set.
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    Doctors Warn About ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’Plastic surgeons say Snapchat-inspired procedures are on the rise.
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    More Lenses Coming Soon to a Snapchat Near YouSnap announced Lens Explore, a feature that lets users access AR lenses submitted by other app users.
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    Miranda Kerr, Like You, Didn’t Like Her Husband’s Redesigned SnapchatKerr immediately questioned her husband, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, about the redesigned app.
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    You Could Soon Use Snapchat to Log in to Other AppsA good idea, if true.
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    Snapchat Updates Mapping Feature to Be More PrivateA nice update from Snapchat.
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    Looks Like Facebook Is Going to Copy BitmojiSorry, Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Is Still Trying to Make Spectacles HappenIts new smart glasses are even more expensive than the company’s previous pair … which flopped.
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    Snapchat Tests Rolling Back Its Controversial RedesignThe much-criticized changes have hounded the company for months.
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    With Traffic Down, Publishers Worry About the Future of Snapchat“I feel like we don’t get the full story whenever I talk to Snapchat.”
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    Snapchat Will Finally Let Users Tag Friends in StoriesThe platform is rolling out a mentions feature to all users in the coming weeks.
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    Snapchat Is Turning Its Map Into an Interactive Egg HuntThe game is only available this weekend.
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    Chrissy Teigen Lists All the Reasons She’s Done With SnapchatTeigen, like you, really doesn’t like the app’s redesign.
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    Explaining the Memes Used by Protesting TeensToday’s protestors had some truly excellent signs.
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    Instagram and Snapchat Suspend GIF Usage After Racist GIF FoundYou can’t post GIFs on Instagram or Snapchat anymore.
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    Snapchat Lost Millions on Spectacles, So Now It’s Gonna Make MoreSpectacles 3.0 will reportedly cost $300.
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    How 4 College Students Traded Their Nudes for a Very Cute PuppyBalto the husky was for sale for $300 … or several nude photos.
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    Maybelline Takes Cue From Kylie Jenner With Snapchat Twitter ComplaintMaybelline polled its followers on whether or not it should stay on Snapchat.
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    Kylie Jenner Tweets, Snapchat Loses a Billion DollarsHer criticism of the app exacerbated investor fears.
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    Snapchat, Like Instagram, Adds GIF StickersPeople hate the new Snapchat, but this feature seems fun.
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    How a Photo of Tom Brady Could Change the Way That You See the InternetEmbedding tweets could become copyright infringement in certain cases.
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    Snapchat Finally Does Something to Encourage Creators Not to Flee the PlatformSnapchat influencers will now be able to track analytics about who is watching their Stories.
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    Snap Map Now Available on Desktop for People Who Don’t Have SnapchatAmid a horrible app redesign, Snapchat actually did something useful.
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    Snapchat Announces Bitmoji Deluxe, With More DetailFinally, you’ll get your avatar just right.
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    Twitter Is Reportedly Trying to Make Its Own SnapchatThe feature is supposed to make it easier to share video.
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    Snapchat Finally Breaks Down and Lets Users Share Content Outside the AppIt’s part of Snap’s new push to make Snapchat easier to use.
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    Early Users Really Hate the New and ‘Improved’ SnapchatSnapchat’s Twitter mentions are full of people begging for the old app back.
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    Snapchat’s Secret Internal Numbers Confirm What You Were Probably ThinkingSnapchat’s map feature isn’t really all that popular, after all.
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    Here’s the Newly Redesigned SnapchatSee what your friends are up to and never engage with brands again.
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    Snapchat Filters Can Now Tell Your Real Dog From a Hot DogFind the nearest dog and see for yourself.
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    You Can Tell Snapchat Is in Trouble Because It’s Redesigning for Old PeopleCould an app overhaul dig the company out of its slump?
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    No, Snapchat Is Not Shutting Down Next WeekThis week in viral internet hoaxes.
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    Did Your Teen Survive the Great Snapchat Outage of 2017?You should probably check just to make sure.
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    Crisis in Tech Industry: Not Even Snapchat Knows What a Burger IsDoes anyone in the tech industry know how to make a burger? An investigation.
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    Burn Your Friends Using a Custom Snapchat FilterThere are worse ways to spend $10.
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    Snapchat Wants You to Never Close the AppA new feature means you can use Lyft, Uber, OpenTable, and Foursquare without ever leaving Snapchat.
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    Snapchat May Soon Generate Bitmoji Using Facial RecognitionThe new feature is hinted at in a recent patent application.
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    What’s Snapchat Doing With Jeff Koons?A new site suggests the app and the artist are collaborating.
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    Should Your Doctor Be Allowed to Snapchat During Your Butt Lift?A new study argues against using social media in the operating room.
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    You Can’t Sneakily Screen-Record Snaps, But You Can Capture Instagram DMs‘Gram safely, folks.
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    Why Do My Boobs Look So Bizarre in Snapchat’s 3-D Bitmoji?Snapchat’s new Bitmoji AR filters are great. Except when it comes to breasts.
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    Snapchat’s Next Dancing Hot Dog Is Your Bitmoji in Augmented RealityIf you thought your mom loved Bitmoji when they were two-dimensional, wait till she sees them in AR.
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