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    Google Reportedly Building Its Own Snapchat CompetitorIt’s called Stamp.
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    The ‘Story’ Format Is Here to Stay, on Snapchat or Off of ItToday is the one-year anniversary of Instagram totally ripping off Snapchat and introducing a Stories feature.
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    No, Telling a Cop You Were Speeding ‘for Snapchat’ Won’t Get You Out of a TicketPerhaps try literally anything else …
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    Snapchat Goes All In on TV With Daily News Show From NBCThe show is called Stay Tuned and episodes will be less than four minutes long.
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    Snapchat Has a New, Sneaky Way to Record Long Snap VideosA game changer for taking snaps at just the right moment.
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    Let’s Talk About the Break-Dancing Snapchat Hot DogSnapchat’s greatest innovation since the puppy filter.
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    Instagram Gives Up, Goes Full-on Snapchat With Latest UpdateWow! Sending and receiving video and photo messages that disappear? How original!
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    Snapchat Introduces New Features Coming Soon to a Facebook Product Near YouNow you can use voice filters on everything.
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    You Can Now Make Snapchat Filters Using Just Your PhoneNo more Photoshop. No more desktop.
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    Racist Snapchats Highlight What It’s Like to Fly While ‘Appearing Muslim’A teen passenger on the plane took pictures of an older man wearing a turban while he was sleeping on the flight.
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    The Best Places to Travel on Snapchat’s New MapSnapchat’s newest feature comes with a heat map that highlights popular snapping destinations.
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    New Snapchat Map Feature Lets You See Where Your Friends AreThe map feature can tell what you’re doing, like driving in a car or wearing headphones.
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    If Snapchat and Slack Had a Kid It Would Probably Look Like the New Skype UpdateThe “new generation of Skype” looks surprisingly similar to every other popular social-media app on the market.
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    Evan Spiegel’s Hatred of Growth Hacking Is GoodJuking the stats often backfires.
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    Snapchat’s New Custom-Stories Feature Seems … GoodNow you and your friends can all contribute to the same story.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    Snapchat Lost $2.2 Billion Last QuarterUser growth has also slowed down.
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    Snapchat’s New Features Ruin What Was Good About Snapchat in the First PlaceThe more editing tools the app adds, the less it feels like Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Is Killing Its Infamous Time LimitUsers can now send limitless snaps and looping videos.
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    Snapchat Blurs the Line Between Past and PresentIt’s getting more difficult to tell what is and isn’t prerecorded.
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    Snapchat Spends $7.7 Million on Protection From FacebookA lot of money to protect itself from Facebook.
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    Facebook Thinks Augmented Reality Is Its Future. Sorry, Snapchat.If Snapchat wants to be the Apple of augmented reality, Facebook is more than happy to be its Microsoft.
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    Snapchat Rolls Out Augmented-Reality ‘World Lenses’ for Rear CameraWe give it three months before Facebook rips off the idea.
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    Is Facebook a Monopoly? Just Ask SnapchatInstagram’s Stories are now more popular than the app it ripped off.
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    The Best Consultants in Silicon Valley Are TeenagersThirty-something developers looking to build the next big thing are consulting high-school and college students to learn what works.
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    What Else Besides Facebook Will Have Stories in 2017?A new meme has sprung up, mocking Facebook for copying Snapchat’s Stories feature.
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    How to Change the Brush Size on SnapchatJust pinch.
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    Every App Is the SameThey’re all just copying each other.
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    Social-Media Scientists Uncover Creative Sexting Use for Snapchat’s Scissor ToolA very serious investigation.
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    Snapchat Takes Another Stab at Fixing Its Search ProblemNow, you can search for stories by topic, like puppies and sports teams.
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    Facebook Is Trying to Turn Itself Into Snapchat. Why?The social-networking giant is introducing three major new features.
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    Snapchat Releases 3 Special Filters for International Women’s DayTurn yourself into Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, or Marie Curie through the power of selfie filters.
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    Why Spectacles Are So Important to SnapchatIt’s hard to think outside the box when you don’t own the box.
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    The Selfie-Addict’s Guide to Snapchat’s IPOSnapchat is going public today.
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    Snapchat Asked Anti-Gun Organization to Pay to Keep NRA Ads Off Its VideosThe debacle happened while trying to create content for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
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    You Can Finally Buy Snapchat Spectacles OnlineNo more tracking down a mysterious vending machine.
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    Is Instagram Killing Snapchat? We Asked the Only People Who Matter: TeenagersInstagram Stories may have slowed Snapchat’s growth, but it also seems to have galvanized teenage fans of its competitor.
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    Snapchat’s IPO Shows How Expensive It Is to Compete in Silicon ValleySilicon Valley is supposed to be the land of disruptors. But it’s not easy to compete with established giants.
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    Facebook Is About to Get a Lot More Like SnapchatIf it walks like Snapchat and quacks like Snapchat … yeah, this is just Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Revises Rules on Clickbait and Fact-checkingNo more scantily clad women unless the story is actually about scantily clad women.
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    Snapchat Is Finally Making It Easier to Search the AppThe app is gradually rolling out a universal search feature.
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    Snapchat Finally Has Group ChatJust in time for the holidays.
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    Use These Secret Hacks to Find Every Celebrity on SnapchatSome simple ways to find Official Stories on the app.
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    University Sends Snapchat Messages to Tell Kids They’ve Been AcceptedAccepted students will also still receive the traditional snail-mail letter.
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    Snapchat Is Selling Spectacles From One Vending Machine in a Mystery LocationGood news for Californians.
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    Facebook Has Decided It Also Wants to Be SnapchatAnother day. Another company blatantly copying Snapchat.
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    Snapchat Could Be Worth As Much As $35 Billion in IPOThe company is gearing up to go public in 2017.
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    Snapchat’s New Ad System Seems Awfully FamiliarGood news for Snapchat. Possibly not so good news for publishers.
  49. Donald Trump Declines Snapchat Interview Because Who Needs Millennial Voters?The five-minute segment airs today on Snapchat Discover and predominantly features Hillary Clinton.
  50. Snapchat Is Getting Rid of Its Most Annoying FeatureSnap Stories just got so much more pleasant.
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