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  1. call now for a free gift
    New York Helps People Scammed by SnuggiesIf you accidentally bought six Perfect Brownie Pans, the government is here to help. 
  2. gross things
    There Is Something Called the Snuggie SutraWell, this is appalling.
  3. party lines
    Slanket Inventor: There’s a Good Reason You Can’t Do a Pub Crawl in My ProductGary Clegg talks to us about why it’s not a bad thing hipsters are taking the rival Snuggie to bars.
  4. puppies!!!!!!
    Introducing the SnoggieThe Snuggie for dogs arriveth. What else can we put in it?
  5. snuggies
    Snuggie Saturday in ManhattanWhat you missed by not wearing a blanket with sleeves in 75 degree weather on Saturday.
  6. neighborhood news
    Ray Kelly Wants to Put the Whole City in a SnuggiePolice Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to wrap Manhattan up in a giant security system.
  7. mysteries
    Double Snugg-ingWhy is the ‘Times’ so hot for the Snuggie all of a sudden?