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Sochi 2014

  1. oh russia
    Russian Media Ignores Olympic Non-Discrimination Standards Added After SochiNot like it happened because of Sochi or anything …
  2. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: NBC Fiddles As Kiev BurnsDoes Sochi 2014 = Berlin 1936?
  3. 13 Conversation Starters About the Winter OlympicsTalking points for the bar this weekend.
  4. 2014 olympics
    Russia Depriving U.S. Athletes of Sweet, Tempting, New York–Made YogurtThis aggression will not stand.
  5. olympic fever
    Sochi Mayor Pretty Sure There Are No Gay People Anywhere Near Him“We do not have them in our city.”
  6. sochi 2014
    Olympic Athletes Told to Go Incognito in SochiLeave the uniforms in the dorm room.