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Sochi Olympics 2014

  1. rip bob costas’ eyes
    NBC Denies Bob Costas’s Pink Eye Due to BotoxThe meme that launches a thousand cringes.
  2. oh russia
    Pussy Riot Not Done Protesting, Getting ArrestedThe Olympics may be over, but it’s still Russia.
  3. sochi olympics 2014
    Sochi Olympics End With a Little JokeAnd a lot of lights.
  4. sochi olympics 2014
    The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics GIF Wrap-upSoft knees, wrenched guts, can’t lose.
  5. the sports section
    U.S. May Not Get Another Chance to Topple CanadaCanada won today’s semifinal, 1-0.
  6. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Thursday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capDid they coat the Iceberg Skating Palace in Crisco or what?
  7. the sports section
    Canada Rallies to Stun U.S. in Women’s Hockey Gold-Medal GameThe Americans had a two-goal lead late in the third period.
  8. sochi olympics 2014
    Whatever Happened to Olympic Medal Ceremonies?They’ve gotten rare in prime time.
  9. sochi olympics 2014
    #SochiProblem of the Day: ‘Wolf’ in Athlete Housing Was a Hoax [Updated]Calm down, it’s just a hungry wild dog.
  10. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Wednesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capBeauty and the biff.
  11. the sports section
    Canada Survives, Sets Up Dream Hockey Matchup With U.S.Bring it on, ya hosers.
  12. the sports section
    9 Photos of Sad Russian Hockey Fans in SochiThe Russian men’s hockey team lost in the quarterfinals.
  13. oh russia
    Pussy Riot, Back in Balaclavas, Clash With Authorities Again in SochiThe protest group is making an impact at the Olympics.
  14. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Tuesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capOne big weather advisory.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Pussy Riot Members Keep Getting Detained in SochiThe protest group was planning a new song called “Putin Will Teach You to Love Your Motherland.”
  16. sochi olympics 2014
    Gay Rights Activist Detained Twice in 48 Hours in SochiAfter shouting “It’s okay to be gay!” in the Olympic Park.
  17. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Monday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capYesterday’s twizzle reel.
  18. talking about the weather
    Fog-Shrouded Sochi Must Wait for Snowboardcross, BiathlonAnticipation makes it sweeter, no?
  19. sochi olympics 2014
    Bode Miller Breaks Down After NBC Reporter Repeatedly Asks About Dead BrotherAnd NBC airs the whole thing in prime time.
  20. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Sunday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capOlympic dreams, and waking up from them.
  21. the sports section
    Team USA Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey PrelimsAmerica, meet T.J. Oshie.
  22. olympic gif caps
    Miss Friday’s Olympics? Here’s a GIF-capSilver medals get some play.
  23. love and war
    It’s a Tender, Tinder Valentine’s Day in SochiHot athletes need companionship, too.
  24. mouthfeel
    Homeless People Wary of Leftover Olympic Chobani“They look at it and go, ‘Eww.’”
  25. the sports section
    How Have U.S. Olympians With ‘Gold’ in Their Names Fared?Gracie Gold is a headline-writer’s dream, but she’s not the first.
  26. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Thursday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capInjuries, new stars, and one raw egg.
  27. sochi olympics 2014
    Russian Skater Plushenko Withdraws From OlympicsDue to injury.
  28. sochi olympics 2014
    Delicious Upstate Yogurt Won’t Make It to U.S. Olympic Team How are they supposed to compete?
  29. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Wednesday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capThe thrill of the Addams Family theme song, the agony of defeat.
  30. sochi olympics 2014
    Putin ‘Cuddled’ a Queer Person in PublicAnd now the rest of the Olympics have been canceled.
  31. sad and gross things
    Bob Costas Still Looks Like a MonsterHe’ll sit out again Wednesday night with pink eye.
  32. sochi olympics 2014
    Olympic Village Is Prime Tinder Territory, of CourseAlways a hookup hot spot, now with an app.
  33. the sports section
    The U.S.-Canada Women’s Hockey Rivalry Is the Fiercest One in Sochi“We don’t like them, plain and simple.”
  34. sochi olympics 2014
    So This Happened: Hitler’s Winter Olympics in PhotosSo many swastikas.
  35. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss the Olympics Tuesday? Here’s a GIF-capShaun White and the Curse of the Slushy Flatbottom.
  36. sochi olympics 2014
    Russian Figure Skater Still Doesn’t Get Why Obama Banana Photo Is RacistIf you’re offended, “It means you have this problem inside you.”
  37. sochi olympics 2014
    Shaun White Did Not Three-peat at the OlympicsHe finished fourth in the men’s half-pipe event.
  38. sad and gross things
    Bob Costas to Spend 24 Hours in the DarkHis 157 straight broadcasts end tonight.
  39. Sochi’s Threat to Kill Dogs Gained It an Army of Volunteer Dog-CatchersBad press leads to cost savings.
  40. sochi olympics 2014
    Bob Costas’s Olympic Eye Infection Got Much WorseHe’s turned to vodka.
  41. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Monday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capYou will cry, and not just when you see Bob Costas’s advanced pink eye.
  42. oh russia
    Irina Rodnina Apologizes for Racist Obama TweetFive months late and still terrible.
  43. the sports section
    Olympian Understandably ‘Mortified’ After Dad Plays Matchmaker on Today“I just want to say to all the young ladies out there, Tucker is very single.”
  44. photo op
    Olympic Bobsledder Who Got Stuck in Bathroom Also Got Stuck in ElevatorSochi problems.
  45. sochi olympics 2014
    Sochi Security Wears Purple to Be PleasantSo the place doesn’t feel like a police state.
  46. sochi olympics 2014
    Miss Sunday’s Olympic Games? Here’s a GIF-capLet the games … continue!
  47. sochi olympics 2014
    Figure Skater Ashley Wagner Is Sochi’s McKayla Maroney“WTF” is the new “not impressed.”
  48. sochi olympics 2014
    British Bobsledder Almost Walked Into an Empty Elevator Shaft in SochiA variation on a now familiar theme.
  49. sochi problems
    American Bobsledder Defeats Bathroom Door in SochiImpressive.
  50. sochi olympics 2014
    Relive the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Before They StartThrough the magic of GIFs.
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