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  1. oh russia
    Russian Media Ignores Olympic Non-Discrimination Standards Added After SochiNot like it happened because of Sochi or anything …
  2. olympics
    Billie Jean King Will Be in Sochi After AllShe’ll attend the closing ceremonies.
  3. 2014 olympics
    Olympic Torch Returns to Earth, Arrives in SochiIf only shower curtains arrived this fast.
  4. other countries’ embarrassments
    Putin Trolls Gays Ahead of OlympicsVladimir Putin insists the events are gay-friendly.
  5. Volgograd, Russia, Hit With Two Suspected Terror Attacks in 24 HoursRaising fears about the Winter Olympics.
  6. the sports section
    Brian Boitano Announces He’s Gay Just in Time to Annoy Vladimir PutinYeah, Boitano is gay.