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  1. politics
    Trump’s Social-Network App Launches Without a Social NetworkHis Twitter clone, Truth Social, has a No. 1 iOS app, but it can’t yet handle his or anyone else’s “Truths.”
  2. politics
    Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Bans Telling Truth About His Twitter RivalIt’s a place where “tweets” are called “truths,” but mockery of the former president’s social-media site is not permitted.
  3. life in pixels
    Brett Favre Is a Social NetworkIt sounds nuts to say that anti-Semites took advantage of Brett Favre to spread racist memes. But that’s because you think of Favre as a quarterback.
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    Why Wikipedia Puts Its Users FirstThe Wikimedia Foundation’s executive director, Katherine Maher, weighs in on incentive-based media models.
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    Jaron Lanier Q&A: ‘We Won, and We Turned Into Assholes’Tech pioneer Jaron Lanier discusses the sinking feeling you get when you’re quoted by Mark Zuckerberg, and everything else bad about the internet.
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    Mark Zuckerberg’s Ghost Haunted the Harvard 2006 ReunionSearching for the second-most-successful person at the Facebook founder’s ten-year reunion.
  7. How I Came to Love LinkedIn, Spam and AllLinkedIn is spammy, anxiety-inducing, and weirdly wonderful.
  8. gun control
    Facebook Bans Gun Sales on Its Network for Private and Unlicensed SellersThe social giant had been under pressure from gun-control advocates.
  9. the internet
    Ello and the High-Speed Hype Cycle of a New Social NetworkFor a day or so, everyone was obsessed with the site that promises to be the “anti-Facebook.”
  10. send our invitation asap
    Google Overwhelmed by Its Own Popularity, Coolness“Insane demand.”
  11. social networks
    Twenty or So Buyers Interested in MyspacePresumably, at least one of them is not a Kardashian.
  12. social networks
    MySpace Aims to Redefine Itself … by Mimicking FacebookHomepage to undergo major redesign.
  13. social networks
    Google Generates ‘Buzz’ with New ServiceYet another place to find out what your friends just ate for lunch.