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  1. party lines
    Margherita Missoni to Abandon New YorkAt last night’s Snowflake Ball to benefit UNICEF, we asked everyone awkward questions about the future to prepare them for their holidays with nosy Aunt Susan. DavidLaurenBush, are you getting engaged? (“I don’t know!” laughed the Lauren half of the socialite organism). Maggie Betts, will your dad, Roland, have a job for his BFF George Bush when he retires the presidency? (“I don’t think he’ll need one,” said Maggie, who was arm in arm with Barbara Bush herself. “But I think my dad will give him anything he wants!”). When we got to Margherita Missoni, we couldn’t think of anything tough to ask her, so we threw her a softball. What do you love about New York City? “I’m not in love with New York right now,” she said. “I’m thinking of moving back to Europe.” Oh, no! Is it because they shut down SocialiteRank.com? We’ll try to write about you more, we promise! “I’m not sure if I’ll go back to Italy. Maybe London or Paris. I long to be back in Europe,” Missoni explained. “I’ve been in New York four years. I miss my family and everything. I wasn’t born in America, and I loved it — it was great when I first came here. But after four years it’s like…” Missoni didn’t finish her sentence. She said she preferred how everything in Europe is close together, but we weren’t listening anymore. All we could think of was, with Margherita gone, there will only be 49 other top-tier socialites for us to care about! —Amy Odell
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    Lydia Hearst Misses Socialite RankCandie’s Foundation “Event to Prevent” raised money at Cipriani last night and Kim Cattrall, Kenneth Cole, singer Cheyenne, and more were there to fight teen pregnancy. We caught up with model and heiress Lydia Hearst to discuss reckless behavior and this week’s New York cover story on Socialite Rank. Have you ever seen Paris out? I don’t actually go out very often. I wake up and go to the gym for about three hours every morning at about 6 a.m., and I pack meals in a soup kitchen. It’s more of a misconception that I go out.
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    Socialite Rank Saga, Cont’d.: Are the Creators Who They Claim to Be? If New York society is more than a bit like a high-school cafeteria, it turns out that lately the jocks and valedictorians have been somewhat surreally lorded over by the Wacky Foreign Exchange Kids. It’s among the strangest lessons of Isaiah Wilner’s exposé in this week’s New York, unmasking the writers and proprietors of the socialite-skewering Website Socialite Rank as the mysterious Russian-émigré duo Olga and Valentine Rei. The pair of step-siblings carved out an impressive New York niche, but it’s their almost Zelig-like Moscow background that makes them most fascinating. Thing is, we at Daily Intel are starting to wonder if their version of life in Moscow is entirely true.