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  1. nanny state
    Bloomberg Soda Ban Really Dead This TimeBig Gulps for everyone. 
  2. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Hopes His Replacement Will Also Obsess Over Soda Ban“Or this carnage is just going to continue.”
  3. New Yorkers May Continue Drinking Enormous Sodas For NowThe state appeals court ruled against Mayor Bloomberg today. 
  4. food fights
    Minority Groups’ Soda Industry Ties QuestionedSoda companies say their reasons for giving away millions are pure.
  5. photo op
    Mayor Bloomberg Stares at 64-Ounce Cup With Bewilderment and Disgust“You sicken me.”
  6. ink-stained wretches
    Judging the Soda-Ban Front Pages of the New York TabloidsWho had the best clip art? Who had the worst pun?
  7. the third terminator
    On Letterman, Bloomberg Defends Big Soda Ban, Gives Cheez-Its a Pass“Cheez-Its are okay. That’s my addiction,” he says.
  8. nanny state
    Piers Morgan Tries to Sell Christine Quinn on a Big-Soda ‘Nanny State’“We all need a bit of nannying about.”
  9. With Only Hours to Spare, State Judge Strikes Down Soda Ban [Updated]Bloomberg can not be pleased right now. 
  10. nanny bloomberg
    What You Can and Can’t Drink Once the Giant-Soda Ban Begins Tomorrow A handy guide.
  11. nanny state
    Bloomberg Would Love to Take His Soda Ban StatewideDon’t worry, Cuomo won’t let him do it.
  12. nanny bloomberg
    Fight Over Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Gets a Little Bit Racial [Updated]The NAACP and the Hispanic federation claim the rules unfairly affect minorities.
  13. lawsuits
    Soda Peddlers Sue to Stop Bloomberg BanDon’t mess with the soda people.
  14. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Taunts Soda Ban Enemies With Billions“How much were they spending again?”
  15. nanny state
    You Have Six Months to Suck Down Giant Sodas, Starting NowThe Board of Health approved the ban on sugary drinks larger than sixteen ounces.
  16. ask a best doctor
    Ask a Best Doctor: Why Doesn’t Bloomberg Just Promote Diet Soda?Forty-ounce Fresca, anyone?
  17. nanny state
    Public Hearing on Soda Ban Lacks Input From PublicBut includes plenty of grandstanding from officials and industry reps.
  18. from my cold dead hands
    Chatting With Soda-Ban Protesters Outside City HallSome of them didn’t even really care about soda. 
  19. nanny state
    Soda Companies Fight for New York’s Right to Absurdly Large BeveragesIt’s not about selling sugar water, it’s about freedom.
  20. nanny state
    Cambridge, Massachusetts Wants in on Controversial Soda BanThe city’s desperate cry for attention.
  21. nanny state
    Will Bloomberg Have Mercy on Frappuccino Lovers?Tackling the stickier aspects of New York’s soda ban.
  22. party chat
    Bloomberg’s Daughter Not a Fan of Soda BanGeorgina Bloomberg isn’t a huge fan of her dad’s proposed soda ban.
  23. bon mots
    Jerry Seinfeld Sees No Need for Bloomberg’s Soda Ban“Fatten them up, kill them off, and move them out.”
  24. the third terminator
    Even the First Lady Won’t Endorse NYC’s Soda BanObama isn’t taking the soda ban national.
  25. twitter parodies
    Categorizing the Twitter Movie-Title Parodies of Bloomberg’s Soda BanOur favorite: No Virginia, There Is No Fanta Claus.
  26. the third terminator
    Nanny Knows Best: In Defense of Bloomberg’s Soda BanThis isn’t exactly an attack on the Bill of Rights.
  27. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Sells Soda Ban on National Doughnut DayThe mayor got a little bit of a hard time from Matt Lauer.