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Soda Tax

  1. the third terminator
    Mexicans Don’t Want Bloomberg Harassing Them About Soda Consumption EitherHe “has the right to be crazy,” but can’t “impose his craziness on us.”
  2. budget mess
    Could the Soda Tax Trigger the Breakdown of Society?Paterson feels like he can do “whatever he wants” with the final emergency budget bill.
  3. death and taxes
    State Lawmakers Trot Out Their Worst Slippery-Slope Arguments Against Soda TaxThere are good arguments to be made against a soda tax, but these aren’t them.
  4. carbonation nation
    Your Soda Is About to Get PricierGet ready to pay a penny-an-ounce more.
  5. money woes
    Governor Paterson Leans on Smokers, Soda Drinkers to Close Budget GapThe fat tax is back!
  6. power of the purse
    Paterson’s Soda-Tax Dream May Live OnCongress is looking into a soda tax much like the one that flopped when Governor Paterson proposed it.