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  1. bright ideas
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Knows What Wall Street Needs to Do to Fix Its ReputationIt starts with one man.
  2. sorkinfreude
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Bought a $2 Million ApartmentSigh.
  3. sorkinfreude
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Just Wants to Be LovedThe ‘Times’ columnist and bestselling author on his critics.
  4. sorkinfreude
    Paul Krugman and Andrew Ross Sorkin Disagree on Even the Tone of Their ConversationSorkin said the conversation was “very cordial.” Krugman called it “not much fun.”
  5. sorkinfreude
    Bankers at Davos: F**k the Volcker Rule“They can go ahead and impose the rule on Friday, and I can assure you that by Monday, we’ll find a way around it.”
  6. the ceo whisperer
    Andrew Ross Sorkin Detects a Note of RegretThe ‘Times’ CEO whisperer explains why top Wall Street figures missed a meeting.
  7. sorkinfreude
    Morgan Stanley Exec Changes License Plate After No One Finds Joke That FunnyThe owner of a 2BG2FAIL plate downgrades to a more demure MNAGUY.
  8. sorkinfreude
    Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Sweet Vanity PlatesThe ‘Times’ DealBook editor is 2B2F.
  9. finance fiction
    Excerpt: Too Big to Fail and ZOMBIESWhat could be a bigger seller than Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book about the financial crisis? Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book about the financial crisis with ZOMBIES.