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Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings

  1. the supremes
    The Final ‘Wise Latina’ CountMany precious moments were spent figuring out exactly how racist Sonia Sotomayor truly is.
  2. the supremes
    ‘Wise Latina’ Count Continues to RiseHow high will it go?
  3. the supremes
    Sotomayor Walks Back ‘Wise Latina,’ Defends Ricci“It was bad.”
  4. intel
    We’re Still Tweeting the Sotomayor HearingsCome follow along!
  5. the supremes
    Abortion Debate’s Ultimate Flip-flopper Was Arrested at Sotomayor HearingThe ‘Roe’ from ‘Roe’ v. ‘Wade’ has had quite a change of heart.
  6. the supremes
    Today’s Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing in Digestible FormHere’s what every senator said in their opening remarks. Basically.
  7. the supremes
    Sotomayor Insists She Isn’t a Renegade Activist Enemy of the LawWait, but the GOP was saying the exact opposite thing all day.
  8. the supremes
    Christian Group Blesses Sotomayor Hearing Room, They HopeAnd it’s kind of creepy.