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  1. Joe Kennedy Pulls Off Rare Feat: A SOTU Response That’s Actually GoodThe congressman’s Obama-esque speech would’ve been impressive, even if expectations hadn’t been lowered by years of awkward responses.
  2. sotu
    The First Lady’s SOTU Guest List(We’re talking about Michelle Obama’s box.)
  3. mattress girl
    Emma Sulkowicz Was ‘Let Down’ by Obama SOTU SpeechThe Columbia student famous for carrying a mattress was disappointed there was no mention of sexual violence.
  4. Why Obama’s ‘Middle-Class Economics’ Sounds FamiliarHas he really helped that aggrieved, thinned-out constituency? 
  5. Bobby Jindal Shares Early Entry for Stupidest SOTU TweetWe’re pretty sure he knows how to spell you’re.
  6. early and awkward
    Saving Seats for the State of the UnionIt’s not allowed. But members of Congress do it anyway.
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    Who Doesn’t Love a Salmon Joke?The President’s next stop: A Catskills comedy revue!