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Souls To The Polls

  1. politics
    Georgia Republicans Take Revenge on Voting RightsAfter major Democratic wins, the embattled GOP passes a harsh law to claw back power.
  2. voting rights
    Mississippi Senator Suggests Sunday Voting Will Offend GodCindy Hyde-Smith is likely fine with other secular activities on the Sabbath. Restrictions on Sunday voting are actually aimed at Black churches.
  3. voting rights
    Churchy Republicans Attack ‘Souls to the Polls’A crackdown on Sunday voting is one of the more hypocritical of the voting-suppression methods pursued by Georgia’s Christian right.
  4. voting rights
    Republicans Return to Old Voter-Suppression PlaybookTrump shifted the focus to phony vote-by-mail fraud claims, but Republicans tried to limit all kinds of voting pre-2020 — and they’re at it again.