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South Carolina Primary

  1. Polls: Clinton’s Firewall Is Containing the BernAnd the Donald is still trumping the GOP field.
  2. Trump Supporters in South Carolina Wish the Confederacy Had WonMany of his voters would also like to shut down all mosques and ban gay people from entering the country.
  3. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  4. Dems’ Battle for Black Voters Gets More IntenseSanders is going after Hillary Clinton’s African-American “firewall,” but it may still hold.
  5. Ta-Nehisi Coates Just (Sort Of) Endorsed SandersTa-Nehisi Coates and Michelle Alexander both prefer Sanders to Clinton. (But they don’t “feel the Bern.”)
  6. Jeb’s Big Surprise for the Palmetto State: W. Back on the Stump!Jeb’s desire to embrace his older brother with both arms is getting serious. 
  7. Santorum’s Sweater-vest Violated Polling RulesIt had a campaign logo. Bad Santorum!
  8. Aide: Newt Will Win, But That’s Good for Mitt“I think it’s been a terrible week for Gingrich and a great week for us.”
  9. Best S.C. Primary Tweet YetIt involves Gingrich, Confederate flags, angels, and Prozac.
  10. Romney Narrowly Avoids Awkward Gingrich Showdown at S.C. Ham HouseSeems Gingrich had booked the time and place first.
  11. 2012
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The South Carolina Race TightensPlus, the group reads a hilarious press release about the “grandiose Gingrich!”
  12. Will the Religious Right Have to Accept a Mormon for President?Not if they can help it.
  13. Evangelical Gathering Picks Santorum As Their ChampionHope to consolidate anti-Romney sentiment.