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South Dakota

  1. noem trespassing
    Noem, Potential Trump VP Pick, Banned From 15 Percent of Her StateThanks to her unsubstantiated claims about cartel activity on reservation land, South Dakota’s governor isn’t welcome in a vast swath of South Dakota.
  2. south dakota
    South Dakota Attorney General Reported Hitting a Deer But Fatally Struck a ManNew details cast doubt on Jason Ravnsborg’s initial claim that he thought he hit a deer, not a person. He is now facing impeachment.
  3. delusions of grandeur
    Yes, Trump Actually Did Want to Be Added to Mount RushmoreA White House aide reportedly looked into the process for adding another president’s face to the monument.
  4. protests
    South Dakota Gears Up to Crack Down on Keystone XL Protesters in 2020Governor Kristi Noem and the Republican legislature are trying again to pass a new “riot-boosting” law, which is a term they made up.
  5. drugs
    South Dakota Debuts New Anti-Drug Campaign: ‘Meth. We’re On It.’The website — onmeth.com — isn’t helping clear up the intentions of the $449,000 advertising campaign.
  6. Keystone Pipeline Leaks More Than 200,000 Gallons of Oil in South DakotaThe last leak, of 17,000 gallons, took two months to clean up.
  7. think of the children
    South Dakota Bravely Defends Bathrooms From Transgender KidsThe state is one signature away from keeping transgender students out of restrooms for the gender they identify with.
  8. this apartment has a dishwasher — and oxygen!
    South Dakota’s New Sales Pitch: ‘Why Die on Mars When You Can Live’ Here?We have oxygen. Mars doesn’t.
  9. road trips!
    On May 8, President Obama Will Become the 4th President to Visit All 50 States“I can’t let my South Dakota friends feel neglected.”
  10. white house travel guide
    South Dakota Really Wants Obama to Visit“I am absolutely convinced he is saving the best for last.”
  11. location location location
    Entire Town Available for Less Than Half the Price of NYC ApartmentIt’s in South Dakota. 
  12. early and awesome
    South Dakota’s Jeff Barth on His Viral Campaign Ad, Riding Animals, and Chess“I actually want to talk to my creative guy about maybe doing something in a canoe.”
  13. shmashmortion
    South Dakota Shelves Bill That Kind of Maybe Allows People to Kill Abortion DoctorsThe GOP governor calls it “a very bad idea.”
  14. shmashmortion
    South Dakota Bill Would Make It Legal to Murder Abortion Doctors [Updated: Or Would It?]Eh, pretty sure you can’t do that.
  15. the birds
    Bird Die-Off Mystery Solved When Government Admits It Just Killed Them All Out of FrustrationAt least it wasn’t the End Times.
  16. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround Is Long NebraskaHugo Lindgren ponders heartland values, in his semi-regular digest of non-depressing economic news.