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South Korea Ferry

  1. awful things
    Captain in South Korea Ferry Disaster Sentenced to 36 Years in PrisonHe was acquitted of murder.
  2. apologies
    South Korea’s President Will Disband Coast Guard After Ferry DisasterShe added, “The final responsibility for not being able to respond properly lies on me.”
  3. very sad things
    Diver Dies While Searching Sunken South Korean FerryHe was on his first mission.
  4. very sad things
    48 Girls Found Dead, With Life Vests, on Sunken South Korean FerryAt least 117 people are still missing in the April 16 accident.
  5. very sad things
    Divers Continue Grim Task of Recovering Bodies From Sunken South Korean FerryMany of them with broken fingers from trying to escape.
  6. very sad things
    South Korean President Says Ferry Crew’s Actions Were ‘Murderous’As four more crew members are detained.
  7. very sad things
    Captain and Crew Members of Sunken South Korean Ferry ArrestedThe third mate steering the Sewol had no experience navigating the rough waters where the disaster occurred.
  8. very sad things
    Man Rescued From Sunken South Korean Ferry Hangs Himself; Captain Faces ArrestMore terrible news from the ongoing tragedy.
  9. disasters
    South Korean Ferry Survivors Say Evacuation Orders Came Too Late285 people remain missing.