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  1. international affairs
    South Korean President Park Geun-hye Removed From OfficeHer ouster following a corruption scandal could have a major impact on how Asia and the U.S. handle North Korea.
  2. China Wants to Play Peacemaker in North KoreaBeijing proposes a deal to ease hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea — and prevent a “head-on collision” between the two nations.
  3. A Major Geopolitical Crisis Is Brewing in North KoreaNorth Korea launches missiles at U.S. bases in Japan — while China sanctions South Korea for building up its missile defense.
  4. international affairs
    North Korea Conducts First Ballistic Missile Test Under TrumpJapanese prime minister Shinzo Abe denounced the test from Mar-a-Lago with Trump in tow.
  5. select all
    South Korea’s Hottest Livestream: Stray Cats EatingIt’s soothing.
  6. international affairs
    Report: North Korea Fires Submarine-Launched Ballistic MissileWhile the missile didn’t go very far, it signals a worrying development regarding the country’s ability to covertly launch such weapons.
  7. international intrigue
    Japan and South Korea Confused by Trump’s Suggestion They Build Nuclear ArsenalsOne of South Korea’s biggest newspapers called Trump’s views “myopic.”
  8. North Korea Deports South Korean Workers, Possibly Initiates World War IIIThat diplomatic breakdown’s coming along nicely.
  9. loud noises
    K-Pop to Return to North Korean BorderOh no. Not the K-Pop!
  10. North Korea Frees NYU Student Detained Since AprilThe 21-year-old Joo Won-moon was captured after he crossed over from China. 
  11. north korea
    Kim Jong-un Tells Troops to Prepare for ‘Fully Armed State of War’“Psychological warfare against [North Korea] is, in essence, an open act of war against it.”
  12. A Propaganda-Spewing Loudspeaker Sparks Clash Between North and South KoreaBoth sides warn more conflict is possible.
  13. John Kerry on Execution in North Korea: ‘Grotesque, Grisly, Horrendous’“One of the most egregious examples of reckless disregard for human rights and human beings anywhere on the planet.” 
  14. scary things
    U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Slashed in Knife Attack [Updated]His attacker screamed, “South and North Korea should be reunified.”
  15. the sports section
    The United States Will Play Belgium on TuesdayStart practicing your “I need to leave work early” cough now.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ferry Captain, Crew Members Charged With MurderIf convicted, they could face the death penalty.
  17. very sad things
    South Korean Prime Minister Resigns Over Ferry Accident“I hope these deep-rooted evils get corrected this time.”
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Entire South Korean Ferry Crew Now in Police Custody 115 people remain missing.
  19. very sad things
    Divers Continue Grim Task of Recovering Bodies From Sunken South Korean FerryMany of them with broken fingers from trying to escape.
  20. very sad things
    Captain and Crew Members of Sunken South Korean Ferry ArrestedThe third mate steering the Sewol had no experience navigating the rough waters where the disaster occurred.
  21. disasters
    South Korean Ferry Survivors Say Evacuation Orders Came Too Late285 people remain missing.
  22. very sad things
    Trapped Students Texted From Sinking Ship283 people are still unaccounted for.
  23. international intrigue
    North and South Korea Are Firing Into Each Other’s WatersBut haven’t hit any land or military targets.
  24. christmas cheer
    North Korea Furious Over Passive-Aggressive Christmas TowerA South Korean tradition.
  25. veepstakes
    Rubio Flub Goes Unnoticed in CFR SpeechWhich Korea has the nuclear weapons again?
  26. other countries’ embarrassments
    China Is Turning Dead Babies Into PillsOh dear God. 
  27. international intrigue
    How Is North Korea Reacting to the Death of Kim Jong-Il?Intense crying, test missiles, and sorting out succession.
  28. other countries’ embarrassments
    Congress Still Not As Dysfunctional As South Korea’s ParliamentOne South Korean legislator released tear gas in parliament yesterday.
  29. international intrigue
    North Korea Threatens South Korea With ‘Sea of Flames’In response to military exercises.
  30. ink-stained wretches overseas
    Being an American Journalist in North Korea Involves Cognac Karaoke, Two-Way MirrorsSharon LaFraniere goes inside the isolated country.
  31. how do you solve a problem like north korea?
    North Korea Threatens to Give South Korea a Nuclear ‘Holy War’ for Christmas“Our revolutionary forces are making preparations to begin a holy war.”
  32. international intrigue
    We Didn’t Wake Up to War in the Korean Peninsula This MorningThat was a nice surprise.
  33. international intrigue
    ‘If Weather Permits,’ South Korea Will Follow Through on Controversial Artillery TestEven as Russia and China tell South Korea not to.
  34. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Hosting a Summit to Discuss North KoreaSome people weren’t invited.
  35. international intrigue
    China Calls for Emergency Meeting of Countries, As U.S. Begins Military Exercises in the Yellow SeaWhile North Korea suspects the U.S. was just waiting for it to do something crazy.
  36. international intrigue
    Was Yesterday’s Military Strike North Korea’s Attempt to Go ‘Back to the Future’?“North’s attacks have a choreographed character, even a back-to-the-future feel.”
  37. sophisticated modern cities and the people who live in them
    Residents of Seoul Only Mildly Concerned About North Korean Attack“I was thinking that if a war started I would have to go back into military service.”
  38. international intrigue
    South Korea Threatens ‘Enormous Retaliation,’ While U.S. Suggests ‘Restraint’“North Korea has a pattern of doing things that are provocative. This is a particularly outrageous act.”
  39. dear leader
    Kim Jong Il Toured a Soy Sauce Factory TodayAs if his country and South Korea were not on the precipice of war. Mind games.
  40. scary things
    North Korea Fires at South Korean Island [Updated]Two South Korean soldiers were killed.
  41. international intrigue
    Obama and South Korea Fail to Reach Trade DealHe’s really been having trouble getting people to listen to him.
  42. north korea
    North Korea to Deliver a ‘Merciless Counterblow to the U.S. Imperialists’Government not too happy about U.S.’s friendship with South Korea.
  43. fidel castro
    Castro Blames U.S. for Korea Conflict, Warns of Nuclear War With IranHis first time in front of cameras in eleven months.
  44. international intrigue
    U.S. to Lend a Hand to South Korea Naval DefenseSouth Korea is “vulnerable to surprise attack,” officials say.
  45. international intrigue
    South Korea Names North Korea As Its ‘Archenemy’It’s official: This is just a movie.
  46. international intrigue
    Kim Jong-il Authorized Torpedo AssaultBut he did it for his son.
  47. international intrigue
    Yep, It Was North KoreaSouth Korea is set to officially blame its neighbor to the north for torpedoing a naval vessel back in March.
  48. international intrigue
    South Korean Navy Ship Sinking, North Korea EyedMilitary experts suspect the catastrophe, in which many sailors are feared dead, was caused by a North Korean torpedo.
  49. what other people think
    The North Korea Nuke Test: What Obama Should ConsiderThis holiday weekend’s weapons test is a confusing referendum on the president’s policy on North Korea, and offers little hint of the safest way forward.
  50. secretary of awesome
    The Many Diplomatic Faces of Hillary ClintonHow our secretary of State deftly adapted to every situation as she traveled the world.
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