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South Williamsburg

  1. oh brooklyn
    How to Tell the Difference Between North and South WilliamsburgA New York ‘Times’ guide.
  2. neighborhood watch
    South W’burg Hasidim Gave More Than Four Times As Many Votes to McCain As to ObamaEven though Jews and Brooklynites at large voted for Obama, mostly.
  3. neighborhood watch
    Ellen Barkin on the Loose in Brooklyn Heights!Our daily neighborhood roundup, including dish from Soho, the Bronx, the Upper East Side, and Brooklyn Heights.
  4. neighborhood watch
    RIP Burgers and CupcakesChelsea: The Iron Cupcake of 23rd Street has fallen! And there was much rejoicing. [BlogChelsea] South Williamsburg: Are policemen beating up people in Billyburg? That’s what one anonymous poster paster thinks. [Gowanus Lounge] Washington Heights: Apparently, on 181st Street, “abomination” and “promiscuous” are the new gay slurs. And they can kill! [Coypranter] West Bronx: Foreclosure numbers in the third quarter of this year (unsurprisingly) were the highest they’ve ever been in the borough. But the neighborhood may have a remedy. [West Bronx Blog] Williamsburg: Aggressive (and sometimes threatening) graffiti taggers still make us laugh. Ha ha — kill all the rich people making our neighborhood nicer — ha! [Curbed]