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  1. lady gaga
    Gaga for the HamptonsYou’ll never guess who’s been seen house-hunting.
  2. gambling
    Shinnecock Tribe Formally Recognized by Federal GovernmentCasino, here we come!
  3. hellivision
    Real Housewife Sonja Morgan Busted for DWIA night’s partying in Southampton did not end well with one of our favorite ladies.
  4. intel
    It’s Going to Be a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend!Especially if you’re in Southampton.
  5. the children of new york will rule us all
    Carter Glatt Would Already Be a Mogul If It Weren’t for the ‘Kid Factor’The 16-year-old who created a Star Map to the Hamptons has been stymied by local business owners.
  6. the hamptons
    Please Buy This Calendar of the Only People in the Hamptons You Might Not Normally See NakedBecause sometimes that which is old can be refreshingly new.
  7. vu.
    Southampton Is Basically One Big CesspoolAnd the residents like it that way.
  8. Harry Markopolos Warns of a Bleak FutureBut first, dinner at Nello’s.
  9. summering
    On the East End: Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Pulled Over, Lourdes PrimpsWhat you missed because you don’t have a share house.
  10. summering
    On the East End: Swine Flu 2, LiLo 0Didn’t make it to the Hamptons yet? Here’s everything that happened to everyone worth knowing.
  11. the fabulous noels
    Spend Summer at the Noels’ This Year!We hear they’re renting their Southampton home.
  12. real estate porn
    Calvin Klein Tearing Down His CastleWhich is good, because that place was weird.
  13. summering
    Chevy Chase Hits a Line Drive in East HamptonLearn what an eruv is! It’s the controversial talk of (possibly anti-Semitic!) Westhampton right now. Then welcome an Iraqi refugee and an Ohio maid to the East End! And peep the mad antics of Agassi, Graff, Zabar and Chase (Chevy!) in our Hamptons weekend round-up.
  14. summering
    New Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Is All Over the HamptonsPlus, David Paterson hits the East End, Seinfeld plays ball, and Jeff Corwin thinks the Montauk Monster is just a raccoon. All in our Hamptons roundup.
  15. in other news
    Barron Hilton Plays the Club Game All WrongParis Hilton’s little brother tries to use a fake I.D. to get into Dune Southampton.
  16. summering
    ‘Martial Law’ About to Hit the Hamptons?While celebs shopped like mad at the Super Saturday benefit in the Hamptons, Starbucks were closing, Molly Sims was late for her own party, ‘SATC”s Jason Lewis ran on the beach, and all the scarecrows fell down!
  17. photo op
    No One Turns Up to the ‘Gossip Girl’ CastingExcept, of course, us. We’re SUCH dorks.
  18. gossipmonger
    We Admit, We Think It’s Kinda Gross That David Cross Is Dating Amber TamblynToday’s gossip includes a teary Laurence Fishburne, an irritable Derek Jeter, and dueling hairstylists. But we just can’t get over the Cross thing.
  19. company town
    George Soros: You Ain’t Seen Nothing YetPublishing musical chairs, bad news on the economy front, and gripes about law-school rankings — all in our daily roundup.
  20. early and often
    Breaking: Giuliani May Have Billed Summer Weekend Flings to TaxpayersRudy Giuliani, in the later years of his mayoralty, was in the habit of billing travel expenses to obscure city agencies. Politico.com’s Ben Smith reports that among the expenses (hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth were racked up during Giuliani’s aborted run for senator) are over $30,000 which might be related to the mayor’s clandestine affair with Judith Nathan. In other words, taxpayers may have been paying the tab for part of his shenanigans. Starting in the summer of 1999 Giuliani began quietly billing visits Southampton (where Nathan kept an apartment and the Post reported he went to spend time with her) to offices like the Loft Board, the Office for People with Disabilities, and the Procurement Policy Board, even though none of the trips were on his official schedule. Bills were largely related to his constant police escort, which stayed in Southampton Inns (what if Paris Hilton needed a room?!) while he was there. Giuliani’s marriage to Donna Hanover did not end until the spring of 2000. This is big, big news, but Giuliani’s spokespeople aren’t commenting. In that vacuum, we can’t wait to see who does have something to say. We have some ideas… Giuliani Billed Obscure Agencies for Trips [Politico.com]
  21. gossipmonger
    Catherine Z-J Gets the ‘No Way’ From Rob MarshallCatherine Zeta-Jones won’t star in the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Nine because the director wouldn’t beef up her role. Eight staffers have left CBS’ The Early Show because they can’t stand working with hotheaded senior exec producer Shelley Ross. Paris Hilton thinks the guys in New York are “so much better” than the ones in L.A. Since divorcing his wife, George Soros has been hanging out with young girls in their twenties at his home in Southampton. Sportscaster Ahmad Rashad and ex-socialite (and ex-wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson) Sale Johnson may be getting married today. Anna Wintour controlled the seating arrangements at the $50,000-a-table 7th on Sale event at the Lexington Armory. (Speaking of Anna, Tim Burton says that Johnny Depp based the haircut of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on hers.)