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Southwest Airlines

  1. cancel culture
    How Did Southwest Airlines Screw Up This Bad?The storm is over, but the canceled flights keep coming.
  2. islamophobia
    Man Removed From Flight After Speaking ArabicThe 26-year-old Iraqi refugee was talking to his uncle on the phone about a dinner had had attended with the U.N. secretary-general.
  3. unfriendly skies
    Pilots in Hard LaGuardia Landing Juggled Controls at the Last MinuteSounds hectic.
  4. unfriendly skies
    Jet in LaGuardia Crash Landed Nose First, Causing Gear to SnapThe plane tipped down at the last second.
  5. unfriendly skies
    Southwest Plane’s Landing Gear Collapses on LaGuardia Runway [Updated]A front wheel “popped off.”
  6. beefs
    Brooklyn Yeshiva Calls Shenanigans After 100 Students Are Kicked Off FlightThe airline says it was perfectly in the right.
  7. terror begins at home
    Long Island Woman’s Bomb Threat Was Motivated by LoveAnd fear. (And maybe some craziness.)
  8. eve of 9 11
    Flight Headed to Baltimore Diverted to Nashville for Security ReasonsBecause of “suspicious behavior” from a passenger.