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  1. just asking questions
    Why NASA Wants Your UFO VideosDr. David Spergel, who headed a vaunted panel on unexplained aerial phenomena, explains how everyday citizens can solve the mystery.
  2. space
    Why Elon Musk’s SpaceX Doesn’t Mind That Its Rocket Blew UpThis is not typically the reaction to a test failure. Then again, nothing about this is typical.
  3. space
    Elon Musk’s Most Powerful Rocket Ever Just Blew UpSpaceX’s uncrewed Starship barely made it past the launch tower before exploding.
  4. space
    NASA Just Hit an Asteroid to See If It CouldTake that, floating rock.
  5. space
    NASA Postpones Artemis I Launch for at Least a Few More WeeksA fuel-line leak led NASA to scrub Saturday’s big moon-rocket launch. It’s not yet clear when they’ll try again.
  6. to the moon
    Long-Delayed Moonshot Delayed Yet AgainA last-minute engine issue forced NASA to postpone the big launch of its new moon rocket.
  7. space
    See NASA’s First Pictures From the James Webb Space Telescope“It’s a new window into the history of our universe,” said President Biden.
  8. tech
    Space Delivery?No.
  9. space
    5 Things to Look Forward to Now That the Webb Telescope Is Fully DeployedThe life-hunting, image-grabbing, handiwork-inspiring time machine may be able to keep demystifying the universe for the next 20 years.
  10. space
    America Does Something Right for OnceThe Webb telescope deployed its massive and sensitive sunshield, marking a difficult step in launching the device 1 million miles away from Earth.
  11. nuclear arms race
    China Tested a Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile: ReportThe weapon is harder to track and destroy than a ballistic missile.
  12. space
    SpaceX Launches First Ever All-Civilian Crew Into OrbitFor the next three days, the tourists will live in a 13-foot-wide capsule 360 miles above the Earth.
  13. space
    Will Earth Run Out of Space for Space Junk?Orbital trash has been a growing problem since Sputnik. Now private companies are throwing up satellites by the thousands.
  14. business
    One Giant Leap for InequalityJeff Bezos’s space joyride is a spectacle of grotesque wealth.
  15. business
    Space Flight Is an Exclusive FantasyBillionaires don’t expand our world; they consume it.
  16. better know a billionaire
    12 Weird and Utterly Fascinating Facts About Jeff BezosSome things to know as Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO and heads to space, featuring Lizzo, an ill-fated iguana, and his vision for space colonization.
  17. explainer
    When Can I Buy a Ticket to Space? A Guide for Non-Billionaires.Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson will soon go where few tourists have gone before. Here are the costs, the risks, and when the rest of us can join them.
  18. space
    Venus Is Finally Getting Some RespectWhy NASA is headed to Earth’s hothouse twin after a three-decade hiatus.
  19. moon
    Get Ready for Wednesday’s ‘Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse’What exactly is going on here?
  20. far out
    Little Green Men After Our HeartsWhy do we care so much about aliens?
  21. death from above
    Congratulations, You Weren’t Crushed by Space Debris TodayThat enormous Chinese space rocket has finished its uncontrolled fall back to earth.
  22. don’t panic
    Hopefully You Won’t Be Crushed by Space Debris This WeekendExperts don’t know exactly where a 23-ton Chinese rocket part will land.
  23. space
    SpaceX Launches Four Astronauts to Space StationThe team blasted off on Friday, starting a 23-hour trek to the International Space Station on a capsule from Elon Musk’s commercial rocket company.
  24. space
    How NASA Flew a Helicopter Flight on MarsCarrying a piece of the Wright Brothers’ glider, Ingenuity achieved an interplanetary first on Monday.
  25. space
    U.S. Manages Not to Screw Something Up for Once: Landing on MarsNASA will use a rover with a helicopter to look for ancient life.
  26. art
    Whatever Happened to Those Monoliths?What was all the rage in 2020 feels a little played out now. Maybe try a new shape?
  27. space
    Let This Harvard Professor Convince You That Aliens ExistA Harvard astrophysicist thinks a mysterious object that swung by our solar system in 2017 was from an extraterrestrial civilization.
  28. look up
    Photos: Jupiter and Saturn Meet in Rare ‘Great Conjunction’On Monday, the two largest planets in the solar system appeared closer in the sky than they have in nearly 400 years.
  29. star wars
    Abolish the Space ForceJoe Biden, please, I’m begging you.
  30. ufos
    Senate Intelligence Committee Votes to Allow Public to See UFO RecordsThe committee endorsed a major step in the recent push to reform the UFO reporting process, with the public getting a look as soon as 2021.
  31. ufos
    Pentagon Officially Releases Three Videos of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’Though the three videos were already public in some form, the DOD’s decision to release them cements a military consensus to take UFOs more seriously.
  32. the final frontier
    Why Did Trump Just Rip Off Star Trek?The new Space Force logo looks awfully familiar.
  33. space
    What’s the Deal With the Space Force Bible?A “blessing” ceremony blurs the line separating church and state.
  34. space
    Lawmakers Are ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’ to Be Briefed on UFOs: ReportMark Warner was one of three senators to hear a briefing on UFOs from the Pentagon on Wednesday, as lawmaker interest in the topic increases.
  35. space
    Scientists Find Mystery Mass Under Moon’s SurfaceBaylor scientists estimate that the big metal chunk below a lunar crater weighs 4.8 quintillion pounds, and may be left over from an ancient impactor.
  36. space
    Navy Pilots Were Seeing UFOs on an Almost Daily Basis in 2014 and 2015: ReportAccording to some Navy veterans, UFOs were consistently being sighted in the airspace from Virginia to Florida in 2014 and 2015.
  37. space
    This Is the First-Ever Picture of a Black HoleWhoa.
  38. space
    Look at This Giant Martian Skating RinkDid you know that aliens love to skate?
  39. space
    Aliens Might Have Sent Cigar-Shaped Probe to Monitor Earth, Study FindsThe interstellar object entered our solar system last year — and then left at an unnaturally rapid speed, new research from Harvard suggests.
  40. Apparently, There’s a Big, Cold, Sludgy Lake on MarsOne mile beneath the surface of Mars’ south pole sits a 12-mile wide lake of liquid — but very salty — water, according to new research out of Europe.
  41. ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid to Pass by Earth on Super Bowl SundayIn this case “potentially hazardous” means absolutely no chance to hit earth.
  42. select all
    Mankind Can Now Troll Donald Trump From the HeavensOne small step for man, one giant leap for trolling our current president.
  43. Watch: Meet the International Space Station’s First African-American Crew MemberJeanette Epps was inspired by an early admiration for astronaut Sally Ride.
  44. NASA Scientist Says Earth Is Due for ‘Extinction-Level’ Event“The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment.”
  45. early and often
    American Astronaut Votes From a Safe DistanceShane Kimbrough has joined the proud tradition of Americans voting from space.
  46. Those Popular Space Livestreams Probably Aren’t LiveThey’re an attempt to game Facebook’s algorithm.
  47. President Obama Is Psyched About Putting Americans on Mars by the 2030sA public-private partnership will be key to making this happen, the president says.
  48. NASA to Announce Evidence of ‘Surprising Activity’ on Jupiter’s Biggest Moon“Not aliens,” the agency says.
  49. The World’s Largest Welding Machine Built This Massive NASA Rocket-Fuel TankOne day it’s going to blast humans to Mars.
  50. Kids Successfully Sent a Stuffed Animal to SpaceUnfortunately, he’s now MIA.
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