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  1. space
    U.S. Manages Not to Screw Something Up for Once: Landing on MarsNASA will use a rover with a helicopter to look for ancient life.
  2. art
    Whatever Happened to Those Monoliths?What was all the rage in 2020 feels a little played out now. Maybe try a new shape?
  3. space
    Let This Harvard Professor Convince You That Aliens ExistA Harvard astrophysicist thinks a mysterious object that swung by our solar system in 2017 was from an extraterrestrial civilization.
  4. look up
    Photos: Jupiter and Saturn Meet in Rare ‘Great Conjunction’On Monday, the two largest planets in the solar system appeared closer in the sky than they have in nearly 400 years.
  5. star wars
    Abolish the Space ForceJoe Biden, please, I’m begging you.
  6. ufos
    Senate Intelligence Committee Votes to Allow Public to See UFO RecordsThe committee endorsed a major step in the recent push to reform the UFO reporting process, with the public getting a look as soon as 2021.
  7. ufos
    Pentagon Officially Releases Three Videos of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’Though the three videos were already public in some form, the DOD’s decision to release them cements a military consensus to take UFOs more seriously.
  8. the final frontier
    Why Did Trump Just Rip Off Star Trek?The new Space Force logo looks awfully familiar.
  9. space
    What’s the Deal With the Space Force Bible?A “blessing” ceremony blurs the line separating church and state.
  10. space
    Lawmakers Are ‘Coming Out of the Woodwork’ to Be Briefed on UFOs: ReportMark Warner was one of three senators to hear a briefing on UFOs from the Pentagon on Wednesday, as lawmaker interest in the topic increases.
  11. space
    Scientists Find Mystery Mass Under Moon’s SurfaceBaylor scientists estimate that the big metal chunk below a lunar crater weighs 4.8 quintillion pounds, and may be left over from an ancient impactor.
  12. space
    Navy Pilots Were Seeing UFOs on an Almost Daily Basis in 2014 and 2015: ReportAccording to some Navy veterans, UFOs were consistently being sighted in the airspace from Virginia to Florida in 2014 and 2015.
  13. space
    This Is the First-Ever Picture of a Black HoleWhoa.
  14. space
    Look at This Giant Martian Skating RinkDid you know that aliens love to skate?
  15. space
    Aliens Might Have Sent Cigar-Shaped Probe to Monitor Earth, Study FindsThe interstellar object entered our solar system last year — and then left at an unnaturally rapid speed, new research from Harvard suggests.
  16. Apparently, There’s a Big, Cold, Sludgy Lake on MarsOne mile beneath the surface of Mars’ south pole sits a 12-mile wide lake of liquid — but very salty — water, according to new research out of Europe.
  17. ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid to Pass by Earth on Super Bowl SundayIn this case “potentially hazardous” means absolutely no chance to hit earth.
  18. select all
    Mankind Can Now Troll Donald Trump From the HeavensOne small step for man, one giant leap for trolling our current president.
  19. Watch: Meet the International Space Station’s First African-American Crew MemberJeanette Epps was inspired by an early admiration for astronaut Sally Ride.
  20. NASA Scientist Says Earth Is Due for ‘Extinction-Level’ Event“The biggest problem, basically, is there’s not a hell of a lot we can do about it at the moment.”
  21. early and often
    American Astronaut Votes From a Safe DistanceShane Kimbrough has joined the proud tradition of Americans voting from space.
  22. Those Popular Space Livestreams Probably Aren’t LiveThey’re an attempt to game Facebook’s algorithm.
  23. President Obama Is Psyched About Putting Americans on Mars by the 2030sA public-private partnership will be key to making this happen, the president says.
  24. NASA to Announce Evidence of ‘Surprising Activity’ on Jupiter’s Biggest Moon“Not aliens,” the agency says.
  25. The World’s Largest Welding Machine Built This Massive NASA Rocket-Fuel TankOne day it’s going to blast humans to Mars.
  26. Kids Successfully Sent a Stuffed Animal to SpaceUnfortunately, he’s now MIA.
  27. SpaceX Lands a Rocket for the First Time EverImagine the sound of everyone in America cheering at the end of Independence Day simultaneously, but nerdier. 
  28. the final frontier
    This Is What Pluto Looks Like, Up CloseSpace nerds, rejoice.
  29. the miracle of life
    Astronomers Witness the Birth of Baby Planets for the First TimeWelcome to the universe, little LkCa 15b and LkCa 15c.
  30. space pumpkin!
    Scary Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on HalloweenNASA scientists only became aware of “Spooky” three weeks ago, which would have left precious little time for Bruce Willis to blow it up.
  31. space
    12 Spots Where the Super Blood Moon Looked Better Than It Did From Your HouseMove over, blurry iPhone pictures.
  32. space
    The ‘Super’ Blood Moon Non-Apocalypse Is Upon UsYou should be able to see a cool lunar eclipse tonight, unless there are clouds.
  33. the final frontier
    What It Was Like to Do a Flyby of PlutoWhoa.
  34. earth
    NASA Releases New Photo of This Year’s Sexiest Planet Alive: EarthIt’s the first complete photo of our planet taken since 1972. 
  35. the universe
    Russian Tech Billionaire Plans to Disrupt Space by Finding Aliens“We’re committed to bringing the Silicon Valley approach to the search for intelligent life in the universe.”
  36. space
    These Scientists Are So Unbelievably Excited About the New Photos of Pluto“Pluto has now been explored!”
  37. space
    Don’t Worry About the Russian Spacecraft That Could Plunge Toward EarthMost of the planet is covered in water, so it is highly unlikely that the out-of-control spacecraft will fall on you. 
  38. mission to mars
    100 Candidates Selected for One-Way Mission to MarsAnd a spot on the Mars One reality show.
  39. cool things
    A Space Probe Just Landed on a Comet the Size of Central ParkDoes this mean we’re losing the Space Race?
  40. horrible things
    Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic SpaceShipTwo Crashes During Test FlightAt least one pilot is dead.
  41. explosions
    Rocket Bound for Space Station Explodes Seconds After LaunchLuckily, the cargo rocket was unmanned.
  42. talking about the weather
    The Enormous Typhoon Sweeping Across Japan Looks Very Scary From Space It’s the strongest typhoon of the season so far.
  43. photo op
    The Best Photos of Last Night’s Blood Moon, for Everyone Who Slept Through ItStunning images from the lunar eclipse.
  44. space
    NASA Astronauts Complete Pre-Christmas Spacewalk Safely and Ahead of ScheduleThey might even get the holiday off.
  45. it’s science
    Rich Guy Dennis Tito Plans to Almost Send People to Mars in 2017They’re not going to land!
  46. it’s science
    There Could Be 40 Billion Habitable Earthlike Planets in Our Galaxy AloneThis has been another semi-regular reminder of your insignificance. 
  47. it’s science
    What If the Big Bang Theory Was Wrong?Not the show, the theory of the origins of the universe.
  48. it’s science
    Voyager Has Still Not Left the Solar System, Is Pretty Far Out There, ThoughToday was a big milestone for mankind chucking stuff out into the universe. 
  49. fly me to the moon
    Don’t Forget to Watch Tonight’s Moon Rocket LaunchClear skies in the forecast.
  50. it’s science
    Reminder: Even the Royal Baby Is Just a Speck on a Speck in a Vast UniverseNASA has released a photo of Earth from 898 million miles away. 
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