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  1. mueller time
    How 2020 Democrats Are Reacting to the Release of the Mueller ReportThe people vying to take on Trump weigh in on the long-awaited release of the special counsel’s report.
  2. russia investigation
    Trump to Finally Answer Mueller’s Questions, But There’s a CatchThe president’s answers will be submitted in writing.
  3. Manafort Is a ‘VIP’ in Jail With His Own Phone, Laptop, and ShowerTrump’s former campaign chairman has asked that his trial be delayed. Robert Mueller is using his own words to argue that it shouldn’t be.
  4. Michael Cohen to Trump: Please Buy My SilenceCohen has leaked word that he’s willing to give investigators information on Trump — and that he wants the president to pay his legal bills.
  5. Giuliani: Trump Might Need to ‘Clean Up’ Mueller Probe With PardonsHours after Paul Manafort went to jail — and reports that Michael Cohen might flip went public — Trump’s lawyer suggests loyalty will be rewarded.
  6. Trump’s Lawyer Invited to Classified Briefing on Investigation of TrumpFor some reason, Emmet T. Flood was invited to an intelligence briefing on the role an FBI informant played in the probe into Trump’s campaign.
  7. Michael Cohen’s Shady Business Partner Just Decided to SnitchCohen’s longtime partner in the taxi trade appears poised to rat on him as part of plea deal. That could lead Cohen to do the same to Trump.
  8. Justice Department Watchdog: McCabe Misled InvestigatorsA newly released inspector general’s report alleges that the ex-deputy FBI chief approved a media disclosure, and then denied having done so.
  9. White House: Trump Believes He Has the Power to Fire MuellerMost legal experts believe that only Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein can end the special counsel’s investigation. Trump thinks otherwise.
  10. Mueller Scrutinizing Ukrainian Magnate’s $150,000 Gift to Trump’s CharityIn the fall of 2015, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk gave $150,000 to Trump’s “charity” as compensation for a 20-minute speech.
  11. Trump Lawyer Held Out Prospect of Pardons to Flynn and Manafort: ReportAs the special counsel sought their cooperation, John Dowd (reportedly) suggested that Trump would have their backs if they got convicted.
  12. 4 GOP Senators Call for Second Special Counsel to Investigate FBIRepublicans still suspect the FBI misused the Steele dossier, despite the dearth of evidence for that charge in Devin Nunes’s infamous memo.
  13. Mark Your Calendar: Manafort Fraud Trial Set for JulyTrump’s former campaign manager is going to have an exciting summer.
  14. 6 Quick Takeaways From the Nunes Memo Even if all of the memo’s assertions are true, it would do nothing to discredit the validity of the Mueller investigation.
  15. The GOP’s FBI Conspiracy Theory Just Got Even DumberLooks like the FBI wasn’t corrupted by a “secret society” of Hillary Clinton supporters, after all.
  16. Mueller May Have Flipped Michael FlynnFlynn’s lawyers just told Trump’s legal team that they can no longer discuss the Russia investigation.
  17. Democrats Should Declare Victory on Trump and RussiaThe undisputed facts of this scandal are damning enough.
  18. Report: Manafort Offered Close Putin Ally ‘Private Briefings’ on Trump CampaignRobert Mueller’s effort to flip Manafort continues apace.
  19. The FBI Raided Paul Manafort’s Home Last MonthRobert Mueller apparently convinced a judge that there was probable cause to believe Trump’s ex–campaign manager had committed a crime.
  20. Trump Lawyer: Firing Mueller Has ‘Never Been on the Table’The president’s attorney says Trump has never thought of firing the special counsel – and has sent Mueller messages of “appreciation.”
  21. Trump Rethinks ‘Attack the Lead Investigator’ Approach to Russia ProbeTrump won’t file a complaint against James Comey for leaking (for now), as a gesture of goodwill toward Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  22. Trump’s Voters Don’t Agree That the Russia Probe Is a ‘Witch Hunt’A plurality of Republicans think the special counsel’s investigation is “impartial” — and 75 percent don’t want Trump to fire Robert Mueller.
  23. Jared Kushner Is Looking for a Trial LawyerAs the special counsel looks into Kushner’s finances, the White House adviser is searching to add a courtroom litigator to his legal team.
  24. If the President Is Innocent, Then He Is InsaneTrump has made it impossible for Republicans to claim he is naive. Now, his behavior can only be explained by a guilty conscience or an unsound mind.
  25. Trump Suggests ‘Bad and Conflicted’ Special Counsel Is Leading a ‘WITCH HUNT’Trump just learned Robert Mueller is investigating him for obstruction of justice. Now, his job (and the rule of law) may be in jeopardy.
  26. How a Special Counsel Changes the Trump-Russia InvestigationWhat Robert Mueller can do, whom he answers to, and what happens next.
  27. Mueller Is Appointed Special Counsel for Russia-Trump InvestigationIn an abrupt turnabout, the Department of Justice decides to appoint a special counsel instead of attacking the idea there is anything to investigate.
  28. Senate Dems Looking for 3 Republicans Brave Enough to Help Them Get Russia ProbeBy holding confirmation of a Comey successor hostage to an independent-inquiry demand.
  29. Will Republicans Let Trump Curb the Russia Investigation?There are few ways to pursue an investigation of Russia-Trump ties if the administration fights it, so long as the congressional GOP has Trump’s back.