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    Snapchat Is Still Trying to Make Spectacles HappenIts new smart glasses are even more expensive than the company’s previous pair … which flopped.
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    Snapchat Lost Millions on Spectacles, So Now It’s Gonna Make MoreSpectacles 3.0 will reportedly cost $300.
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    Why Spectacles Are So Important to SnapchatIt’s hard to think outside the box when you don’t own the box.
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    You Can Finally Buy Snapchat Spectacles OnlineNo more tracking down a mysterious vending machine.
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    Snapchat Is Selling Spectacles From One Vending Machine in a Mystery LocationGood news for Californians.
  6. Donald Trump Offers Fox News an Olive Branch, in the Form of a Very Boring RallyAfter an apparent apology from Roger Ailes, Donald Trump put together the dullest sideshow he possibly could.