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  1. potus
    Obama Is Sorry You’re Stuck at Home ‘Playing Board Games or Watching Tiger KingWatch his commencement speech for the class of 2020.
  2. political games
    If These NBA Coaches Ran for President, Their Stump Speeches Would Be Slam DunksWe’ve condensed, combined, and lightly edited comments made by Kerr and Popovich, respectively, into speeches ready for the campaign trail.
  3. Trump Treats Congress to Convincing Impersonation of a Competent PresidentThe message was sharp. But the details were missing — and that could keep Trump from ever becoming the kind of president he just played on TV.
  4. Donald Trump Declares America a Democracy Again, in Populist Inaugural AddressThe president said that with his election, the “people became rulers of this nation again,” in a defiant, nationalist speech.
  5. If Trump Weren’t a Monster, Clinton’s Leaked Speeches Would Be DevastatingOn Friday, WikiLeaks revealed Clinton’s closed-door speeches to Goldman Sachs. It’s no mystery why she wanted to keep them secret.
  6. Donald Trump Has the Grammar of an 11-Year-OldWhy do they dumb down the rhetoric?
  7. speeches
    Everyone Loves This Emotional Monica Lewinsky Speech on Sexism and Cyberbullying“I was Patient Zero: The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed, wordwide, via the internet.”
  8. politics
    7 Harsh Reactions to Obama’s Foreign-Policy Speech at West Point“Mushy,” “largely uninspiring,” “not exciting,” “weak,” “fell short of its target” — no, not the new Adam Sandler movie.
  9. speeches
    Obama Cries During Speech on School ShootingThe president delivers a moving address in the wake of tragedy.
  10. equal rites
    Mayor Bloomberg Gives Marriage-Equality Speech at Cooper UnionHizzoner keeps beating the drum for his new pet cause.
  11. osama bin killed
    Death of America’s Archenemy = Must-See TVObama’s speech on Osama was easily the most watched speech he’s ever given.
  12. words
    Comparing Word Clouds From ‘Why We’re at War’ SpeechesHow does the language in Obama’s speech compare to words used to explain why we were in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo?
  13. united we sit
    President Obama Talk Pretty One DayBut for now, he’s talking to America as he would an eighth-grader.
  14. early and often
    Obama on the Midterms: ‘I’ve Got to Take Direct Responsibility for the Fact That We’ve Not Made As Much Progress As We Want to Make’But “no person or party has a monopoly on wisdom.”
  15. what other people think
    Was Obama Ungracious to Bush Last Night? Or Too Gracious?What he said about Bush, and why it was either insulting or kind, depending on who you ask.
  16. my fellow americans
    President Obama Will Not Run Around His New Somber Rug TonightNo victory laps tonight, but will he give Bush a thank-you?
  17. ground zero mosque
    Bloomberg: Moving Mosque Would ‘Compromise Our Commitment to Fighting Terror With Freedom’Mayor gives his second speech in support of the mosque.
  18. land of the free
    Mayor Bloomberg Wrote His Own Lines for Ground Zero Mosque SpeechAnd they were good ones.
  19. early and awkward
    Mort Zuckerman Is Not an Obama SpeechwriterApparently there was some confusion.
  20. what other people think
    Obama’s Tongue-Lashing of Wall Street Fails to MaterializeObama goes the cooperation route in his big speech on financial reform.
  21. early and awkward
    Harold Ford Jr. May Have a Southern Twang, But Kirsten Gillibrand Talks Like a Teenage GirlAccording to a speech expert!
  22. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin As Polarizing in Hong Kong As She Is Everywhere ElseWas it brilliant or boring? We may never know.
  23. politics as unusual
    Anderson: Obama Averts a Spiritual WaterlooThe health-care debate had become so inane it seemed to prohibit the basic conditions of good speechmaking. My preemptive cynicism turned out to be both very right and very wrong.
  24. what other people think
    Obama’s Big Speech: The Punditocracy ReactsPolitical observers of all stripes weigh in on the speech that could make or break health-care reform.
  25. health carnage
    Republicans Pick Elderly-Killing Birther for Obama Speech RebuttalRepresentative Boustany sponsored the death panels his party has been fearmongering about.
  26. everything is socialist
    Obama to Indoctrinate, Nag, Bore Students TodayThe president’s controversial back-to-school speech revealed!
  27. america’s sweetheart
    William Shatner Performs Intentionally Funny Version of Sarah Palin’s Resignation SpeechCheechakos and sourdoughs, continued.
  28. america’s sweetheart
    Palin Leaves No Bogeymen Unmentioned in Resignation SpeechWatch out for those America-hating straw men, Alaska.
  29. america’s sweetheart
    Editing Sarah Palin’s Prose’Vanity Fair’ had a couple of its editors try to make the Alaska governor’s resignation speech into something legible. It took a lot of red ink.
  30. secretary of awesome
    Clinton’s ‘Muscular’ Foreign-Policy ManifestoThe secretary of State’s address today to the Council on Foreign Relations reminds the world that though the Obama administration may emphasize finesse, they haven’t forgotten how to exert force.
  31. what other people think
    The Cairo Speech: Classic ObamaReactions from around the web to Obama’s big speech in Cairo.
  32. early and often
    Obama in Cairo: ‘Let There Be No Doubt, Islam Is a Part of America’The president’s much-anticipated speech to the Muslim world called for an alliance and a new beginning.
  33. early and awkward
    What Was Up With Bobby Jindal Last Night?Or as he’s now known, Kenneth from ‘30 Rock.’
  34. early and often
    Heilemann: Obama Takes Ownership of the CrisisObama’s speech last night treated us like we are all adults — which is something we may have forgotten we could be.
  35. early and often
    Big Surprise: Obama Makes an Impressive SpeechNot everybody liked all of it, but most people liked most of it.
  36. early and often
    Nation Awaits Obama’s Prime-time Speech With Bated, Nervous BreathWhat will he say, what should he say, and how should he say it?
  37. inaugur-nation!
    Obama’s Inaugural Address Wins Approval, MostlyReactions pour in from around the web.
  38. early and often
    Bush’s Final Speech Just Another DisappointmentHow does one sum up the exhilarating last eight years? So much has happened — much of it, let’s be honest, fairly terrible.
  39. the third terminator
    Chris Smith: Between the Lines of Tomorrow’s State of the City SpeechWhat will Mayor Bloomberg be saying when he takes the stage tomorrow?
  40. Reactions: Speech of John McCain’s Life Met With Collective ‘Meh’How could you possibly allow another puke-green background!?!
  41. jerkiani
    Giuliani Wasn’t Always Down on ‘Cosmopolitan’ CitiesThough Giuliani’s mockery of Obama’s ‘cosmopolitan’ background was absurd on its face, we bothered to go back and find a time when the word didn’t seem like such a slur to him.
  42. early and often
    Sarah Palin Hurts So GoodHer speech was partisan, combative, and snide, and so it’s unclear whether it’ll appeal to swing voters. But it certainly managed to put conservatives at ease with her selection.
  43. early and often
    Giuliani Softens Up Democrats for Powerhouse PalinSarah Palin hit it out of the park last night. But the carefully calibrated buildup of last night’s speeches shows Republicans may not have been as confident as they seemed afterward.
  44. early and often
    Joe Lieberman Pleases, ConfusesWhen his speech appealed to independents and Democrats watching at home, it worked. When it just kind of confused the partisan crowd in attendance, it didn’t.
  45. early and often
    Obama’s Speech Hated, TooWe’ve ordered our pundits’ reactions to Obama’s speech from, roughly, the most glowing praise to the harshest critiques, to elucidate the vast discrepancies of opinion.
  46. early and often
    Pundits: Everyone Likes Bill Clinton Again; Joe Biden Holds His OwnThis was a setting these two aging, white, male Washington insiders hadn’t found themselves in before.
  47. early and often
    To Many, Hillary Clinton Left Much UnsaidThere was nothing about Obama’s readiness to be president, and almost nothing about him on a personal level.
  48. early and often
    Michelle Obama Not Scary in the Least Last NightBy most accounts, she knocked her speech out of the park.
  49. early and often
    Paterson’s Speech: The Economic Crisis in New York Is ‘Devastating’As predicted, the governor’s televised address had more warnings than it did solutions.
  50. early and often
    Obama’s Speech, in the Eyes of the BeholdersThe pundits are all over the map, so to speak, on this one.