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  1. catfights
    Trend Piece Reveals Nice, Nerdy Local Bloggers May Be Seriously Gross MisogynistsAJ Daulerio, Lockhart Steele, and John Carney talk cheetah.
  2. brief lives
    Beautiful Banker David Webb’s Life, in BriefParsifal, parsed.
  3. in other news
    The Goot’s Guide to Loving WomenSteve Guttenberg explains to the ‘Observer’ exactly how he bagged 600 women.
  4. in other news
    Liam McMullan Has Headaches During SexThat’s our takeaway from the ‘Observer’ profile on the kid this morning. There was also some stuff about marijuana and a pop album, but it wasn’t as memorable.
  5. ink-stained wretches
    When Party Reporters Turn 30: The Miraculous Transformation of Spencer MorganFrom late-night club-crawler to squeaky clean, soon-to-be married dad. Is this a sign of our times?
  6. gossipmonger
    Nobody Messes With Karl LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld’s bodyguard protects him and Jay-Z from a pesky pap, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will get $10 million for their baby pictures, Spencer Morgan and Alexis Bryan probably will not, and more in today’s compilation of greatest hits from New York’s gossip columns!
  7. gossipmonger
    Mick Jagger Is Friends With Leonardo DiCaprio and Q-Tip Bruce Willis yelled, “I’ve abandoned my son!” four times while dining at Freemans with an exotic dancer the other night, then did shots with the bartender. Mick Jagger, Q-Tip, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all hanging out at Upstairs on Monday night. Kathleen Turner’s Crimes of the Heart castmates can’t tell if she’s drunk or just tired. The Observer’s Spencer Morgan “bitch slapped” Men’s Vogue writer Hudson Morgan at the Beatrice Inn, but they made up soon after. Matthew McConaughey’s chest is at the top of In Touch Weekly’s list of Top Ten hot chests. Jason Bateman and Ricky Schroder are not working on a screenplay of Silver Spoons, although that would be awesome.
  8. in other news
    Maddox, ActuallySpencer Morgan, Maddox Jolie’s erstwhile biographer, reports in today’s Observer that after only six weeks, “Mad” has left the Lycée Français. No, he wasn’t driven out by the hordes of camera-clutching Upper East Side parents or kicked out because he was crappy at French or even trying to escape the unrelenting pen of modelizer turned kiderazzi Morgan. He’s just going along with the rest of his family to L.A. while Angelina films The Changeling, and it’s looking like they may not be back. The Brangelinas were supposedly about to take residence in the Waldorf Tower, but would they really pay $100,000 a month if they’re not actually living there? Well, actually maybe yes. BBut is it possible that Jennifer Aniston saying she was thinking about moving back east caused them to flee back to California? We’d say also probably yes. But most important, won’t his girlfriend’s heart be broken? It’ll be just like that scene in Love, Actually! Except maybe not. “At this age,” the Observer’s “exclusive” Maddox source tells them, “the girls and boys don’t really care about each other.” That’s not age, lady. That’s just Hollywood. Au Revoir, Mon Maddox! [NYO] Inside Pitt-Jolie’s Reported NYC Pad [ABC] Earlier: Daily Intel’s Coverage of Maddox Jolie
  9. in other news
    ‘Observer’ Writer Lives the DreamOh, Spencer Morgan. You aspiring rake, you. For today’s Observer, the Transom writer somehow convinced his editors that spending the day in a model’s apartment would further the cause of journalism. Upon visiting one of the residences, where foreign models all bunk together during Fashion Week, he learns from 17-year-old Russian Nastya Zhelkovskaya that she’s “never had such a nice bathroom!” (“It was a perfectly decent bathroom,” Morgan observes dryly.) After frolicking with Nastya and a handful of other underage beauties (Russians! Brazilians! Twix!) for the day, Morgan notices that he’s been left alone in the living room. “Soon excited chatter and giggling began to emanate from a closed door down the hall,” Morgan says, closing the article. Wait, are we to infer the models are giddily discussing his charms? Deciding amongst themselves who gets to bed him? Or did Morgan merely commit that most basic of all Fashion Week fouls — farting in a room full of models? Princesses of Prince Street [NYO]