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Spies Like Us

  1. spy games
    NSA Employees Sometimes Spy on Their Significant OthersSpies: They’re just like us.
  2. spies like us
    11 Maybe-Attractive Russians Charged With SpyingLike actual spying, not just partying.
  3. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Is Still Living the High LifeThe sexy Russian spy has turned NYC tabloid fame into a career.
  4. school daze
    DOE Closes Website for School Principals to Shop for Hidden CamerasNow where are they going to buy pencil-sharpener cameras?
  5. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Uses ‘Spy-Novelesque Stunt’ to Catch Bing CheatingTo catch a search-engine predator.
  6. the spy who shagged america
    Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Presented With Herring on Russian TVNo wonder she misses New York.
  7. spies like us
    Russia Sends Assassin to Hunt Down Traitor of Unknown SexinessHe’s the guy who blew the cover of that spy ring last spring.
  8. spies like us
    Anna Chapman May Have Mastered Hypnotic Mind ControlWhich she used to have sex with a lot of guys.
  9. spies like us
    Queens High School Superintendent and Principal Live Out Plot of Lifetime MovieThere’s spying involved. Sexy spying!
  10. spies like us
    The Sexy Items Seized From Anna Chapman’s Sexy ApartmentSexy bank statements, sexy calculators …
  11. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Is Being Sexy Again!Her mug shot is “seductive” and “glamorous.”
  12. spy swap
    Russian Spies’ Homes Might Go Up for AuctionAlong with all the crap they left here.
  13. spies like us
    U.S. Officials Knew About the Russian Spies for Ten YearsThis keeps getting weirder.
  14. so joetorious
    Biden: Keep the Sexy Spy, Trade Rush LimbaughHe’s joking! Guys, c’mon.
  15. spies like us
    Our Long, Sexy Spy Nightmare Is OverThe spy swap was completed at a Vienna airport today.
  16. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Loses Her ShiksappealShe doesn’t seem too fond of the Jews.
  17. spies like us
    Russian Spy Gang Pleads Guilty Ahead of Swap - UpdateThen comes the Spy Swap!
  18. spies like us
    America Seems to Be Getting the Better of This Spy SwapThe spies we’re getting may not be as sexy, but they were pretty good at passing along secret information.
  19. spies like us
    Russian Spies Too Useless, Sexy to ProsecuteWill America grant amnesty to Illegals?
  20. spies like us
    Russian Spy Confirms That He Was a SpyThat is helpful.
  21. know-it-alls
    Some of Spies’ Neighbors Knew They Were Spies All Along, Duh “It was at that point at which I said, ‘Oh yeah, my father came from Odessa’” — a city in the former USSR — and “I saw her eyes widen, I swear, I saw a definite emotional reaction.”
  22. spies like us
    Russia to U.S.: How Dare You Bust Our Secret Ring of Idiot Clown Spies?This could jeopardize our strategic arms agreement!
  23. spies like us
    Russian Spies’ Dumbest Mistakes“She said they were from Canada.”