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  1. games
    Can Men Be Friends?What fantasy sports reveal about the limits of male intimacy.
  2. explainers
    The One-Page Guide to New York’s New Sports-Betting SceneOnline sports gambling is now legal. Here, how to navigate the seven sports-betting companies that have set up shop.
  3. the city politic
    Sports Betting Will Bring a Wave of Misery to New YorkFacilitating addiction across the state is a high price to pay for all that tax revenue.
  4. games
    How Not to Lose Your Shirt Gambling on SportsNew Yorkers can now wager their 401ks on a Russian table-tennis match. Hooray?
  5. gambling
    Online Sports Betting in New York Gets Its First WinnersDraftKings and FanDuel are among the firms receiving licenses for sports betting, as the apps prepare to go live in New York before the Super Bowl.
  6. coronavirus
    Desperate Casinos Are Now Taking Bets on the WeatherWith the coronavirus outbreak shutting down the athletic world, sportsbooks have gotten creative.