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  1. sports
    Bills Coach Clarifies: You Do Not Have to Hand It to Al QaedaSean McDermott apologized for citing the 9/11 hijackers as an example of teamwork during a 2019 meeting.
  2. games
    The 10 Worst Things About the Florida State TravestyThe College Football Playoff committee really, really screwed this one up.
  3. games
    What Money Can’t Buy Steve CohenThe billionaire hedge-funder is used to getting what he wants. His time as Mets owner and casino bidder is a whole different ballgame.
  4. games
    What Happened to College Basketball?The sport, already fading in relevance, is paying a big price for being second fiddle to football.
  5. games
    Banning Palestinian Flags Is Just the BeginningProfessional sports is trying to back away from politics. Good luck with that.
  6. scene report
    31 Days of Taylor Swift–Travis Kelce Mania in Kansas CityMy hometown is enjoying its time at the center of the universe.
  7. baseball
    Stop Whining About Baseball’s Playoff FormatThe best regular-season teams all flamed out early this year. That’s no one’s fault but their own.
  8. games
    Travis Kelce Is the NFL’s Taylor SwiftUnlike a lot of athlete-celebrity couplings, this one makes sense.
  9. the media
    Shams Charania’s Scoop DreamsHe tweeted his way to the top of the NBA reporting world. He might be the future of sports journalism.
  10. games
    Pete Rose Remembers the Biggest Postseason Brawl in Baseball History“You know how many second basemen or shortstops I knocked on their ass in my career?”
  11. games
    Baseball’s Magnificent, Transformative SeasonAs the playoffs loom, 2023 has already been an unqualified success for a sport that finally embraced change.
  12. games
    The Knicks Are Being Smart About Their Future, and It’s BizarreThe long-dysfunctional franchise has, for once, gone about building a team the right way.
  13. the group portrait
    Give the Liberty Their CrownHow New York’s WNBA team became the hottest ticket — with the rowdiest crowd — in town.
  14. games
    The Deion Sanders Hype Train Is Probably About to DerailAnd that’s a good thing for college football.
  15. infinite jets
    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets?Two miserable fans recap week two and try to process their grief.
  16. games
    This Might Be the End of Aaron RodgersAfter injuring himself four plays in, the aging star rendered the Jets — and possibly himself — irrelevant.
  17. us open 2023
    The Spectacular U.S. Open Men’s Final That Wasn’tThe only man who can challenge Novak Djokovic wasn’t on the court Sunday.
  18. us open 2023
    Coco Gauff Wins the U.S. Open in Thrilling ComebackThe 19-year-old tennis phenom now has a major to her name. It probably won’t be her last.
  19. us open 2023
    Maybe They Should Move the U.S. Open Back a WeekExtreme heat is an enemy of good tennis, and the problem is only getting worse.
  20. 2023 us open
    Coco Gauff’s Rise and GrindThe American teen star dazzled the tennis world four years ago, but grit and tenacity have gotten her to the U.S. Open final.
  21. us open 2023
    Box Office Ben Has ArrivedBen Shelton’s serve and self-belief have gotten him to the U.S. Open semifinals. He’ll need both against Djokovic.
  22. games
    A Death on the Field Couldn’t Stop the NFL NowThe league is at a point where it can weather any problem, no matter how grotesque.
  23. us open 2023
    Cable Dispute Forces U.S. Open Champion Into Life of PiracyDaniil Medvedev is just one of many frustrated Spectrum customers who can’t watch tennis on TV right now.
  24. baseball
    The Yankees Might Be Staring Down a Lost DecadeUnless risk-averse ownership makes some big moves, this miserable team isn’t going anywhere soon.
  25. us open 2023
    Can Ons Jabeur Finally Go All the Way?After three near-misses at majors, the Tunisian fan favorite is gunning for a U.S. Open title.
  26. us open 2023
    Chris Eubanks Is Trying to Make the Dream LastThe 27-year-old American journeyman is tennis’s best underdog story. Can he parlay his success into a U.S. Open run?
  27. us open 2023
    Have You Heard About Jessica Pegula?The third-ranked women’s tennis player in the world is still under the radar ahead of a possible breakout U.S. Open.
  28. us open 2023
    Novak Djokovic Is the Perfect Champion for the Age of AIThe 23-time Grand Slam winner has mastered the art of learning from his opponents’ weaknesses in real time.
  29. games
    College Football’s Sad Last DanceEnjoy one final season before everything turns upside down.
  30. games
    No Wonder Athletes Are Shutting Up About PoliticsWho needs seemingly half the country rejoicing in your defeat?
  31. spectacles
    Baseball Will Never Be As Fun As Banana BallThe sport’s wildest experiment comes to New York.
  32. comebacks
    Baseball Finally Feels Vital AgainThe venerable sport is making a comeback this year, thanks in part to MLB’s unpopular commissioner.
  33. letdowns
    The Mets Have Given Up Entirely on 2023It’s the hope that kills you.
  34. sports
    Soccer’s Battle of the BrandsWhen Wrexham took on Manchester United this week, it was a clash between the past and future of corporate sports identity.
  35. the group portrait
    U.S. Women’s Soccer Fans Are Having a Moment“I’m overstimulated.”
  36. sensations
    America Has Never Seen a Spectacle Like MessiIf he stays in Miami long enough, he could supercharge a sport that’s already having its moment.
  37. games
    Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Be Liked AgainEver since he joined the Jets, the anti-COVID-vaxx conspiracy theorist has dialed down the nuttiness.
  38. games
    U.S. Women’s Soccer Doesn’t Have to Fight Trump AnymoreAs they try for a third straight World Cup win, an American team that has vanquished all foes no longer needs a special story line.
  39. sports
    Threads Has Woj Bombs Now, So the Site Has Really ArrivedA-list scoop machines like Adrian Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter are giving Mark Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” some sports credibility.
  40. just asking questions
    Robert Lipsyte Says Good Riddance to the NYT Sports SectionThe legendary Times sportswriter says his former paper always seemed uneasy covering athletes and games.
  41. sports
    The Yankees Aren’t Just Mediocre — They’re BoringGeorge Steinbrenner would have blown up this team a long time ago.
  42. games
    Please Let Shohei Ohtani Play for a Team That Doesn’t SuckThe Angels are once again squandering historic talent, but hopefully not for much longer.
  43. sports
    Chris Eubanks Is the Best Story in Tennis Right NowWith a huge upset on Monday, the American journeyman has improbably reached Wimbledon’s quarterfinals.
  44. sports
    ESPN Layoffs Target On-Air Talent, Including Announcer Jeff Van GundySay good-bye to Van Gundy, Keyshawn Johnson, and Steve Young, as part of parent company Disney’s massive layoffs this year.
  45. games
    Lance Armstrong Is Setting New World Records for GallThe disgraced cyclist is trying, absurdly, to position himself as a cancel-culture victim.
  46. sportswashing
    The 9/11 Good Guy Who Turned the PGA Over to the SaudisAlison Crowther never expected Jimmy Dunne would negotiate with those she blames for her son’s death.
  47. games
    The Mets Stink, But Their Future Actually Looks BrightNot that their fatalistic fan base wants to hear it right now.
  48. sports
    The Athletes Who Can’t Afford Their Near-Death ExperiencesSurfers, bikers, and skateboarders put their bodies on the line for sponsors who don’t provide a safety net.
  49. sports
    The Deal That Shocked Pro Golf May Be in TroubleThe Justice Department reportedly opened an antitrust investigation into the PGA Tour’s surprise merger with Saudi-backed LIV Golf.
  50. games
    Messi to Miami Shows That Major League Soccer Has ArrivedYes, the Argentine megastar will get paid handsomely, but there’s more to his decision than that.
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