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  1. screen time
    Spotify Is Eating the Entire Music BusinessAs indie music platforms like Bandcamp deteriorate, artists must cater to a single, powerful streaming platform.
  2. business
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Disaster Is Taking Silicon Valley With ItHundreds of billions of dollars disappeared overnight, and it may get worse.
  3. just asking questions
    The Spotify SpinKara Swisher says to focus less on Joe Rogan and more on the company paying him.
  4. business
    The Spotify Backlash Never Had a ChanceWhat Joe Rogan’s critics don’t realize about the juggernaut.
  5. pivot
    Why Did Spotify Pay So Much for Joe Rogan’s Podcast?Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway discuss the big money to be found in a relatively niche medium.
  6. pivot
    Why Netflix Should Buy Spotify Right NowScott Galloway and Kara Swisher offer ideas on how Netflix could capitalize on its massive gains during the pandemic.
  7. the streaming wars
    Spotify Rings in 2020 by Suspending All Political AdsWe love sonic bipartisanship.
  8. streaming
    Spotify Is Testing a Social Listening FeatureThe new functionality hearkens back to the days of Turntable.fm.
  9. competition
    Spotify Takes On Apple’s Anti-Competitive Behavior in EuropeSpotify’s lawsuit mirrors Elizabeth Warren’s critique of the tech giants.
  10. select all
    Facebook, Apple, and Spotify Remove Infowars ContentAll three platforms cited “hate speech” as the reason.
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    How to Use Spotify on a HomePodIf you’ve got a particular playlist in Spotify you want to play on your HomePod, here’s how.
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    You Can Now Buy Lipstick on Spotify for Some ReasonBecause why not?
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    Spotify Has the Only Algorithms I Don’t FearAnd the algorithms know I like pop-punk.
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    Can You Guess Which One of These Songs Is Popular Today?Hmmmmmm.
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    Spotify Is Removing Music From White-Supremacist BandsEarlier this week, a music site pointed out 37 white-power bands available on Spotify.
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    Apparently Everybody Is Using the Exact Same Emoji for These Artists on SpotifySpoiler: Drake is, understandably, fire.
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    Chuck Schumer Puts Final Nail in Spotify-Playlist-Meme CoffinSenator Schumer released a Spotify playlist in honor of Trump’s first 100 days in office.
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    Everyone on Twitter Is Making Hilarious Playlists for Their Crushes on SpotifyStringing together song titles into semi-coherent sentences is this week’s best meme.
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    Spotify Wants to Hire ObamaThe company is looking for a “President of Playlists” who has “a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.”
  20. 4 Ways to Make Spotify Sound BetterTake a few minutes to make sure you’re getting the best sound out of Spotify.
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    Tinder Partners With Spotify So Potential Dates Will Know You Like Baha MenYou’ll be able to see if you and your potential match have any favorite artists in common.
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    Fans Are Trying to Pay Nelly’s Back Taxes by Playing His Music 287 Million TimesIf we all pull together, we can save Nelly from the IRS.
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    Spotify’s New Personalized Playlists Actually Sound GoodRelease Radar gives you a weekly roundup of new music.
  24. Spotify Declares War on AppleIt’s a battle between Spotify and Apple Music.
  25. Spotify and Bumble Are Partnering to Doom Your Love Life Through SongWhy yes, prospective date, I do listen to a lot of Celine Dion.
  26. stream me up
    Can Apple and Beats Fix the Economics of Streaming Music?To succeed at streaming, you need size and money. Lots of money.
  27. neighorhood news
    Can You Identify Each New York City Borough by Its Favorite Spotify Songs?Probably not!