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    The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Remedy Makes No SenseIf the whole rationale behind the merger that a small fourth carrier can’t compete with the big guys, why create a new one?
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    Kudos to the States Suing to Block Sprint/T-Mobile MergerAs the state attorneys general suing on antitrust grounds know, competition among four national cellular providers serves Americans well.
  3. Sprint and T-Mobile Announce MegamergerThe two companies are betting that Trump administration regulators will be friendly to their ambitions.
  4. Big Corporations Are Lining Up to Help Trump Tell a Jobs-Creation StoryAnd news outlets are going along for the ride.
  5. Trump Takes Credit for Sprint Bringing 5,000 Jobs to U.S.For some context, the U.S. economy created 178,000 jobs in November.
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    The ‘Secret’ Unlimited Data Hotspot You Can Write Off on Your TaxesPiggyback off Sprint’s LTE network for a crazy-cheap price, and support a good cause while you’re doing it.