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    NSA Stops Tapping Merkel’s Phone, Spies on Hundreds of German Leaders InsteadJust like Obama promised.
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    Judge Rules NYPD Spying on Muslims Didn’t Hurt While It Was SecretA lawsuit against the police has been dismissed.
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    Journalists Win Polk Award for Snowden Leak ReportingNew question: “Accomplice” or “award-winning journalist”?
  4. spy games
    NSA Figured Out Who’s to Blame for Snowden LeakA civilian employee who unwittingly gave him his password.
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    Greenwald Launches Intercept, Links NSA, DronesThe new site reveals its point of view from the jump.
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    U.S. Diplomat Curses at the E.U., Russia Tattles to the WorldVia YouTube.
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    Snowden’s Leaks Are Getting Their Own MagazineHelmed by Glenn Greenwald.
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    Booz Allen Exec Describes How Snowden Deceived His Former EmployerAnd calls him a narcissist who had “failed at most everything he did.”
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    Tech Companies Reveal New Data on NSA RequestsSee? There’s no reason to worry.
  10. ink-stained wretches overseas
    Destroying Snowden’s Files Was Surprisingly Labor-IntensiveBlue-collar journalism.
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    Obama Picks Navy Cybersecurity Chief to Helm NSAThough his own panel recommended a civilian.
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    Tech Companies Allowed to Reveal More About U.S. Surveillance, But Not MuchIt’s a small step toward greater transparency.
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    The NSA Has Its Eye on Your Angry BirdsAnd other “leaky” apps.
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    Snowden Says He’d Like to Come Home, But Has ‘No Chance’ of a Fair TrialEric Holder says they can talk, if he’ll plead guilty.
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    U.S. Sues Firm That Vetted Snowden for Fraud [UPDATED]The government says 40 percent of its investigations were incomplete.
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    Edward Snowden Insists He’s Not a Russian Spy“Spies get treated better than that,” he said.
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    Jon Stewart Not Buying Obama’s NSA Speech at All“How do we stop this lose-lose?”
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    So What Did People Think of Obama’s NSA Speech?Reactions from the chattering classes.
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    President Obama Announces NSA Changes While Still Slighting Snowden“The work has begun,” said the president today.
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    Obama to Adjust How the Government Goes Through Your Phone DataThe president will announce a few new ideas at 11 a.m.
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    As Obama Unveils NSA Reforms, Intelligence Community Is Still SeethingThey have some pretty elaborate Snowden murder fantasies.
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    Staying Off the Internet Won’t Keep the NSA Out of Your ComputerThe agency is planting retro radio-wave transmitters.
  23. NSA Phone-Data Collection May Be Useless, Likely Won’t StopObama will announce some changes to the program on Friday.
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    New York Times Strongly Suggests Obama Go Easy on SnowdenA new op-ed makes the case for clemency.
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    The NSA Can Intercept and Bug Online PurchasesDoing things the old-fashioned way.
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    Merry Christmas From Edward SnowdenDon’t forget that the NSA is watching you.
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    Snowden Declares ‘I Already Won’ in First Moscow Interview“In terms of personal satisfaction,” though he still can’t leave Russia.
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    White House Panel Recommends Limits on NSA SurveillanceObama is “open to many” changes, but doesn’t have to implement any of them.
  29. Brazil Wants Snowden to Stay in Russia for NowThey have no plans to offer asylum, though he asked nicely.
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    60 Minutes Gift Wrapped a Puff Piece for the NSAReporter John Miller delivers an uncritical look the agency.
  31. spy games
    The NSA Couldn’t Manage to Monitor Edward SnowdenIronic!
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    If Google Can Track Your Online Activity, It’s a Safe Bet the NSA Can TooThe NSA has mastered the use of cookies.
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    NSA Also Spying on World of Warcraft, Xbox LiveThe government has its eye on elves and orcs.
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    Tech Giants Band Together to Fight Government SurveillanceIn an open letter calling for reform.
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    The NSA Would Really Appreciate a Visit From President ObamaThings are a little gloomy over there right now.
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    The NSA Tracks Billions of Cell Phone Locations Every DayAnd everyone who targets cross paths with.
  37. ink-stained wretches
    Guardian Only Published 1 Percent of NSA Docs“About one percent.”
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    NSA Spies on Porn Habits to Undermine Muslim ‘Radicalizers’The latest juicy scoop from the Edward Snowden documents.
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    Edward Snowden May Have a ‘Doomsday’ FileAnd can keep the leaks coming for the next two years.
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    NSA Director Offered to Resign Over Snowden LeakAnd miss out on all these fun congressional hearings?
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    The CIA Collects Data in Bulk, Just Like the NSAJust sensitive financial information, not phone calls.
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    Snowden Got Information by Simply Asking for PasswordsNot that complicated, really.
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    AT&T Cashing in on CIA Spying$10 million a year.
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    NSA: Germany Was ‘a Little Grumpy’ About Being Left Out of Spying ClubEspionage and hurt feelings.
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    Merkel Revelation Costs Obama His European ‘BFF’No more sunset chats about Greece’s debt crisis.
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    Edward Snowden Got a Tech-Support JobIn Russia!
  47. spy games
    Russia Denies It Put Bugged USB Drives and Cables in G20 Gift BagsWay more brazen than scooping up metadata.
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    NSA Chief: Europeans Are Complaining About Their Own Spying ProgramsReports that the U.S. is responsible are “completely false.”
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    Obama May Ban Spying on Friendly Foreign LeadersThe rest of us should assume we’re being watched.
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    Officials Claim Obama Didn’t Know U.S. Was Spying on Other World LeadersOn the bright side, he wasn’t lying to Merkel.
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